Author: Pitra Satvika

Happy #1stAnniversaryJKT48TeamK3

I remember a year ago, June 25th 2013, when I was watching Boku no Taiyou by 2nd generation trainees. There was an ongoing gossip on that day in the fandom that a surprise would be happening inside the theater. I received Bingo blue number 9, and was called in the middle, and I was sitting on number 0 column, but on the 2nd seat from the back.

Gingham Check Digital Release

Today several fans find out that the new JKT48 single is available on iTunes. Wow, finally JKT48 Operational Team released the song in digital format. However, after finding this out and the info was spread through

JKT48 Flying Get Concert

A not-so-mini-but-no-so-big JKT48 Flying Get concert was held last night (March 15th 2014) at Nusa Indah Theater, Balai Kartini, Jakarta. The concert was announced just five days prior. Nusa Indah Theater has the capacity...