JKT48 Flying Get Concert

Pitra Satvika

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  1. raey says:

    lucky me, i watched it too…

    really i agree with your idea for jkt held a spesial theater in nusa indah teater, but they need to fix the audio first
    i sat in row 5, during the concert my ear really hurt. in the other hand, for the the one that sat in balcony they said they can’t hear the mc and song clearly

    haruka really make my stomach really hurt…she is really funny
    this make me wonder, this is her new self that she found in jkt48 or she alredy like that since in akb48

    lol for your comment for not imagining melody in skecth, i know the reason
    maybe if someone want to know about melody costume in skecth and haruak skecth, you can see in this fancam


    im very satisfied with the concert maybe more than 2nd anniv concert

  2. Ivan says:

    This is the first JKT48 concerts I attended without encore. When the show over I’m confused to see everyone leaving already, but after member said thank you through kageana, i’m sure that the concert really over without ankoru. Btw i’m curious about special show for the flying get seat

  3. Drake says:

    Pitra: “M02. Hanikami Lollypop – single senbatsu.”

    What the!!? I didn’t know that a 2nd track song (a B-side or a 1st coupling song or whatever) is performed by single Senbatsu!
    It should be performed by Undergirls. The Senbatsu term is only used to refer to the selected members that perform the first track or the A-side of any given single. In this case, the Flying Get song in Flying Get single. Perhaps this is just a mistake from the writer of this report. Thanks anyway for writing this report.

    • gorgom says:

      senbatsu simply means “selection”… so single senbatsu simply means chosen member(s) for that single, that’s all.

      …and there are no undergirls in jkt48 (yet) as they haven’t run any election.
      furage senbatsu is 100% JOT’s selected members *cmiiw*


      • Hihi exactly my point :)

      • To Mr. Gorgom says:

        “senbatsu simply means “selection”… so single senbatsu simply means chosen member(s) for that single, that’s all.

        …and there are no undergirls in jkt48 (yet) as they haven’t run any election.”

        You are correct about the term Senbatsu but you are incorrect about the term Undergirls (JKT). We all know that the term Undergirls (for the 2nd track song) in AKB started since the 1st election single (Iiwake, Maybe single). BUT, there’s a difference in JKT case. The first time JKT have used the term Undergirls (for the 2nd track song) is NOT since their JKT48 1st election (the 6th) single!! In JKT case, they have actually used the term Undergirls since their Flying Get (5th) single!! Like it or not, that Drake guy/gal is correct when he/she pointed out Mr. Pitra’s mistake for using the term Senbatsu for the 2nd track song of JKT Flying Get single (Hanikami Roripoppu song). You have yet to buy the Flying Get CD, right??

      • To Mr. Gorgom says:

        You should witness it yourself on JKT48 Flying Get CD jacket cover the term Undergirls they used for the 2nd track (Hanikami Roripoppu) song or you can research it yourself in fan forum such as http://stage48.net/wiki/index.php/Flying_Get_%28JKT48_Single%29

        • gorgom says:

          aah…so that’s how it is. thanks for the explanation. :-D

          p.s. is its always this tense around here? i literally feel like i’m too old for this :lol:

          • Angga says:

            :lol: I see what you are getting there.

          • Andy_BP says:

            “p.s. is its always this tense around here? i literally feel like i’m too old for this”

            Nice move, man :-D
            You’re very similar to me in this regard. Whenever somebody correct me for my mistake and I don’t like them for doing so, I also always use my favorite I’m-too-old-for-this-childish-argument response and many other attitude of defensiveness.

    • To Mr. Drake says:

      Just For Your Information, AKB48 itself sometimes also used the term Senbatsu for those selected for the 2nd track songs. e.g: Aozora no Soba ni ite (Skirt, Hirari single), Dear My Teacher (Sakura na Hanabiratachi single), etc. What I’m trying to put into your head is, the term Senbatsu is not absolutely reserved for only those selected for the 1st track songs.

  4. Ivan says:

    Pitra, are you sure? After last performance i hear through announcement that they told the flying get seat to wait and don’t go home just yet. I even discussed it with the person that sitting on my sides what kind of special show it is.

  5. Zf says:

    without any intention of getting out of topic but i heard elsewhere that, during the JKT48 calendar event, Rena asked us indonesian fans to support her in the (i think?) forthcoming AKB senbatsu sousenkyo.

    perhaps one of our dear english-speaking tokyo-ites can tell us how to do so? how can overseas fans support rena?

    will the cost be significantly higher than in indonesia (Rp.3300 for SMS vote Rp.30.000 for CD, roughly 300 yen for 3 votes?) 8-O

    thank you in advance!!