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  1. Kyon says:

    It looks like you forget that the vote via mobile content only has one week period. But yes, it’s still broken. Only for one week, at least.

    • Angga says:

      “The only redeemable point of this repulsive broken rubbish system is that it will run only for a week, hopefully.”

      I remember :D. Hopefully it will indeed run for just a week :D

      • Kyon says:

        Now it’s me who don’t remember whether I simply missed that or you’ve just added that, -_-

  2. jun says:

    “This Single Sousenkyo is just another farce in the same vein with the Calendar Sousenkyo” – – – > agree with you!

  3. aldo says:

    i think the author already known
    that it only last for a week
    but still
    JOT giving people that already bought CD(s) a WFT moment

    me still can’t get any CD from the convenient store
    the silly things is
    those convenient store are all over my place
    and none of them are selling flying get CDs
    it’s really hard to get even though i live in one of the Big city in Indonesia

    the distribution of the CD just become worse
    it seems the label record doesn’t making any improvement

    i wonder why JKT48 operational team could stand with this?
    there are plenty Big label record that could handle such a thing like the DISTRIBUTION for instance
    let’s just say Son* BM*,EM* and others
    i bet they would welcoming JKT48 with open arms

    and for Hit*rec
    you already lost the momentum and the hype

    despite all the mess that label record has made (in a sense of distribution)
    i still gave them kudos for the effort to tag along with “The Convenient store”
    and with that, they giving a chance to all the fans all over Indonesia to get their CD(s)
    and cast their vote

  4. jvalz says:

    Since 5th March, this sousenkyo is already a joke for far fans (fans who not live in Jakarta, Bekasi, Depok, Tangerang, Bogor, Banten province, and West Java Province). The CD distribution is really bad. Until today, there is not a single CD sold at any Alfa group in Surabaya, Indonesian second largest city and economic powerhorse. I know that it is just 10 days from that start of sousenkyo, there is still 38 more days to vote, but for some fanbase we already lost the momentum and hype.

    SMS voting is like “oase” for us. I know that SMS system will break the system, but at least we can support our oshi with this method. Last night interim result was not represent the true vote from fans, because there are lots of far fans that can’t vote.

    C’mon JOT, open your eyes. You must find other music label that more competent than the existing label, Hits Record. This is a delusional bussiness, a service based bussiness. You must excel in servicing your customer, in JKT48’s terms, your fans. Servicing your fans is your core bussiness and customer satisfaction is your main business indicator, even for a far fans that far away and can’t attend the theater regularly.

    I’m sorry if there is a lot of grumble in this comment. JOT and its music label have just throw away the fun in being JKT48 fans for the past of 10 days.

    • Angga says:

      My main concern of course is their sustainability. For the records, they (the third party involved in this “system”, not JOT) don’t do any protection whatsoever on the digital contents.

      It’s a direct download URL. I can just paste it here and all you’ll have to do is to “Save As” the contents. Voila :lol:

      If it’s already came to this with their third party distribution problem, broken SMS + Digital Download system, etc; I might suggest JKT48 just to provide all the songs for free download and let us “pay” it through some voting via SMS again. Let’s say…Dust Cloth Sousenkyo for Single A, Tissue Sousenkyo for Single B, and so forth :lol:

      In the end of the day, JOT will got all the blame while their third party vendors get all the main profits. My sympathy to them and us, the fans.

      • jvalz says:

        I see.. This is a double-edged decision from JOT in terms of “satisfying the fans that can’t get any CD because of poor third party performance”.

        Such a brave decision from JOT..

      • stlobeli says:

        I went to Alfa midi yesterday and it was already stocked, I live in Sidoarjo btw. They said that it had just arrived.

        But the product had not been applied into their system yet so you have to buy it by cash. I only had my flazz card yesterday so in the end still could not get my hand on it.

  5. djt says:

    a week is enough to ruin the whole sales :)
    oh and i think someone already make a bot for this… and till now the server si down, or being shutdown ?

  6. yuu says:

    Can oversea do the SMS?!