Satria Garuda BIMA-X Press Conference

Pitra Satvika

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  1. glx48 says:

    i hope for this new series they should work hard for the visual effect… and I just wonder tata’s acting skill? i hope she can act properly and the last thing is we can watch Stella on tv again..

  2. aditya says:

    remind me of one of kamen rider ryuki

  3. joco says:

    I was waiting for the next season with Ghaida as an sub cast.., but anyway, Congratulations to Tata!

  4. sa-nu-si says:

    Wow Bima is getting better. But the X thing is somehow kinda resembles the Black RX, don’t you guys think? or is it just my wild opinion.. knowing how Mr Reino Barrack loved Kamen Rider Black so(oooo) much..
    I hope the visual, audio and all effects would be better. Congratulation to Tata! I can’t wait to watch this series just like a kid. Remembering my old days, couple decades ago, when i was falling in love to Kamen Rider ichigo/nigo.
    Actually Bima X’s mask reminds me to one of Dopant in the W series. I really really can’t wait for this series. The Better Bima. The Bima X. *bravo

  5. Kisaru says:

    Red: Flame Mode (Api)
    Green: Earth Mode (Bumi)
    Blue: Storm Mode (Badai)
    Purple: Magnet Mode

    • Blurrp says:

      Actually, the purple one is officially called Magnetic Mode instead of Magnet Mode. They used adjective (Magnetic) instead of noun (Magnet).

  6. Tomo says:

    Did he, Reino-san have an audtion to choose the one, Tata from JKT48?
    And for the previous series, was Stells chosen at the audition?

  7. humhumz says:

    i wish the story is better and more sophisticated as well as the costumes and special effects. But, well, their main target are children anyway…

  8. Steven says:

    Much improvement from the late series . New transform device and some power up forms haha

  9. Soso says:

    Yaelah Si Om Reino maksa banget dah, nama karakternya Rica yg maen Tata, member yg punya nama gak tersinggung tuh gara2 cuma dipake namanya bukan orangnya. (Random Mode On).

  10. shunusuke says:

    Good luck for Tata and I hope she doesn’t follow her senior (Stella) for graduating too soon from JKT48 . Though she must be busy with her new job and become less and less to appear with JKT girls

  11. silvesterkayR says:

    I don’t mind about special effect especially cgi, i prefer something authentic and new (story, theme, name, chara design, how the weapon works, details and so on), i love the costume design reminds me kamen rider ace from blade series and Den-O, but again tokusatsu for children, anime for adult yeah..

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