Gingham Check Digital Release

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  1. glx48 says:

    Wow kondokoso ecstasy and utsukushi inazuma?! Just curious about how the girls bring that songs into JKT version especially kondokoso ecstasy

  2. Jyuri says:

    Oh God… The lyrics kind of make me cringe. An improvement from previous English versions (Summer Love, Fortune Cookie), but it still makes no sense to me. OTL

    • Angga says:

      No no no, it was my fault since I really can’t make it with my hearing. The lyricist himself for the English Version, Hasief, already warned me before about doing it by hearing, but I kept on going knowing that perhaps some overseas fans already buy the song and would like to know the English lyric.

      Fortunately, Hasief, bless him, gave us the correct lyric for the song. And if you try to refresh the page, you’ll see the lyric as it intended to be by him.

    • Jvalz says:

      I think the English lyric is good. Somehow it make more sense than the lyric written in bahasa. Haha.. Just my personal opinion.

  3. shoujo-pan says:

    the eng ver is quiet alright i guess, i mean the original lyrics are cringe worthy enough. i like it how the english lyrics rhyme with another better than the prev english version songs. the lyric that caught my attention the most is “That shirt you like to wear, Looks so cool that it hurts” bcs as a fangirl i could totally relate to that haha

    looking forward to the sakura no hanabiratachi since it’s one of the classic tune in akb, it even had two versions of it

    • Hasief says:

      See below for the process. Honestly I also cringe when reading the original lyrics, but mostly because I am an Indonesian adult male trying to interpret things from the perspective of these Japanese teenage girls (or at least what Yasushi Akimoto writes for these Japanese teenage girls to sing). But this is what I have to work with, and so I try to make my work sound true to the original. If you like this latest one better than the ones before, then hopefully that means I’m improving with each project. At least you like the shirt line.

      • wealthyriver says:

        Actually, as a japanese learner, I’m pretty sure that most of AKB48 songs are written from a boy’s point of view (the word “boku” which means “I” in japanese is mostly used by boys). JOT probably thought that this would cause confusions so they decided to reserve the gender in the translation. I was surprised by the girl’s POV in the english version of “Manatsu no Sounds good!”, but I guess it sounded ok for the people who had never listened to / understood the original version. Of course it’s still a good work, but I enjoy it less than KFC & Gingham Check (which was, FYI, also written from a boy’s POV).

  4. gorgom says:

    i really like the lyrics. they should make english version for every single. spread the virus even further :lol:

    utsukushii inazuma was my favourite ske’s song. great music, great lyric and of course…*ahem* great mv *ahem*

  5. Jvalz says:

    I’m amazed with the popularity rate of all the song in itunes. I’ve never seen an album that has all of its song with fullbar popularity in itunes.

  6. Hasief says:

    This is how it works:

    1. They send me the original song, the Indonesian version, a rough English translation of what the original lyrics mean and a breakdown of how many syllables there are in each sentence.

    2. They tell me to translate the original lyrics into English, using the same number of syllables in each sentence of the original. If it rhymes, consider it a bonus.

    3. I try to make it rhyme anyway, while coming up with words that might not be exactly the same as the original but convey a similar meaning in a different but hopefully still interesting way. I could translate it word for word but it would probably be less catchy and make less sense. I also have to do some research for the various Japan-specific cultural references that might be unknown to non-Japanese people.

    4. And yes, I do sing the words as I write to make sure they sound good and are easily pronounced. Well, for me anyway. You have to cut the girls some slack because English isn’t their native language. And since the lyrics have been posted here you can always give it a shot and see if you can sing it better.

    5. I submit the lyrics, wait for approval, get paid. Since they hired me to do this job there have been almost no revisions, so I guess they like my work and so far quite a lot of fans like it too. Some even say they prefer the English version, which is a pretty cool compliment. As for the ones that don’t, well I don’t really lose any sleep over it. Their inability to like it isn’t really my concern, which applies in general to any work I do. You can’t please everyone, so at least try your best to please the people that actually matter.

    6. And that’s pretty much it. It sounds easy enough but if it really were that easy they wouldn’t ask me to do it.

    Enjoy the song. Cheers!

    • Jvalz says:

      Nice translation Hasief. I really like your translation since the Fortune Cookies in Love. Please do more English translation of JKT48 song if they ask you to do. :)

      Btw, do you understand Japanese? If you do, I think you will make better translation in bahasa than JOT do now.

      • Hasief says:

        Thanks! No, I don’t know Japanese, which makes it quite a weird process because I’m being asked to write English lyrics for Japanese songs based on Indonesian explanations of them (correcting my previous comment in which I said it was from rough English explanations).

        As far as Indonesian lyrics go, well that’s up to them. If they ask me, I’ll be glad to give it a go. But it’ll probably be even trickier because a lot of Indonesian bands I know tend to write English lyrics because they say it’s easier and cooler-sounding than Indonesian (though their English lyrics are usually shitty). So add that challenge to all the aforementioned aspects you have to consider when translating these songs, and you have to admire anyone who can do a half-decent job with it.

        • animevoicejanai says:

          Good job,sir!
          but, I wonder why the pronunciation of GINGHAM CHECK not so english. is it fixed and cant be changed? client request? :-D
          many fans questioned that too… :roll:

          • Hasief says:

            I only translate the lyrics, I’m not involved in how the girls sing. Again, remember that English isn’t JKT48’s native language, nor is it AKB48’s, either. Also add the fact that the way “gingham check” is pronounced in the song isn’t how you pronounce it in everyday conversation. So it’s always going to sound strange even when sung by someone who’s fluent in English. Not to mention that their schedule might not necessarily have time for intensive work on the pronunciation before recording.

            So I don’t really have a problem if how it ends up sounding isn’t exactly how I planned. I try to be realistic about it, because not all JKT48 fans will listen to the English version, and a lot of them won’t like it for various reasons that may or may not have anything to do with me. The main thing is I do something that I’m happy with and the production team is happy with, and hopefully doesn’t make JKT48 want to kill me for putting in all those unfamiliar words and phrases. Anything good beyond that is a bonus.

          • animevoicejanai says:

            Thanks for the long explanation :)
            though I only ask about “GI-NG-HA-M-CHE-ECK” hahaha,,,,, :mrgreen:
            I do not doubt you work sir.
            Great 8)

          • Hasief says:

            That is from the original AKB48 version. If certain parts of the Japanese song (usually in the chorus) remain untouched in the Indonesian version, then I make sure they stay that way in the English version as well and work around it. For instance, the Japanese and Indonesian versions of “Fortune Cookie” both have the word “cafeteria” at the start of a sentence, so for the English version I also put that in the start of a sentence and tried to figure out how to make it: 1. retain the original meaning, 2. grammatically correct, 3. sound good.

    • kopi says:

      The English version of Gingham Check and its lyrics translation is GOOD!!!!!! well done sir!!!!!!

  7. Jake says:

    Oh my God! I’ve been addicted already with the english ver. of Gingham Check. The translator to english did a great job in my opinion and the girls did quite well for the singing. I really appreciate for the job well done!

  8. NomaDen says:

    Not buy the songs yet. I’m very curious with sakura no hanabiratachi in Indonesian version. Hope can buy the songs or maybe the CD ASAP :lol:

  9. stevrum says:

    i love the english version of gingham check, thank you mr. hasief

  10. wealthyriver says:

    Nice tracklist, but isn’t that too much for a single? Or all those songs will be released on a mini-album? IIRC JKT have never released one before, haven’t they? :)

    It’s interesting to read about the process of writing the english version of the songs. So far Mr Hasief has done very well, he smoothly turned some tricky parts in japanese into english with creativity, while keeping their orgininal meaning. GC is probably my favorite, followed by KFC. As a foreign fan, I look forward to his future english works for JKT :)

    • Angga says:

      Yep, that’s why it’s an EP :D

      It consist more tracks than a single but less tracks to be called an LP/Full Album.

      And correct, it seems like this is their first release in a form of an EP.

      • Ryu says:

        But JOT officially named it as the 6th SINGLE on yesterday press conference and their website.

      • Ryu says:

        I’m not sure it’s their first release in a form of an EP. Flying Get Alfa Midi version consist of 9 songs (though some of them are songs that were also inside previous releases such as: KFC, RIVER, Hebirote, Baby3x)

        • Angga says:

          I think we can categorize that as an LP? Well 9 songs is enough I guess for an Album.

          Well, if they decided to call this one a single then…*shrug*

          • Ryu says:

            I agree with you Angga. Flying Get Alfa Midi ver. with 9 songs should have been named as an album and both Gingham Check regular version (6 songs) and theater version (5 songs) should have been named as EP.

  11. jpaa says:

    will the CD release in Alfamidi again? i pray for the God xD

    • Ryu says:

      Yes, of course. Gingham Check theater version have two different methods of distribution:
      1. JKT48 theater distribution with a Hand Shake ticket and a random trump card inside as bonuses.
      2. Alfa Midi and Lawson distribution with a Gingham Check Calling Card and a random trump card inside as bonuses.
      The answer for your question is number 2.

  12. v3 says:

    Buru – uwai – buru

    • Ryu says:

      It sounds like “uwai” to your ears. But it’s not “uwai”. It’s “howaito” [ ホワイト]. That’s how Japanese pronounce the english word “white”.

  13. benimaru says:

    sometimes people forgot, dat the things they only need to do are sit down, shut up, listen and enjoy..

    all of the complaints just reminding me at koisuru english version..

    comentator.. comentator everywhere.. :buzz face:

  14. indr@ says:

    Good job JOT, with this iTunes release JKT48 has one step ahead of her sister in Japan :mrgreen:

    So far JKT48 has released 3 english-version song, I hope they will be ready to go international outside of Japan & Indonesia soon.

  15. KingKongnya Yona says:

    Another job well done, Sir Hasief. Even though some undeserved criticism is bound to surface every now and then. I’ve worked as a translator once, so here’s a toast for you. Cheers, mate! :)

  16. animevoicejanai says:

    a GC cover by JKT48 fans from USA :mrgreen: