@JAM EXPO: Official Book and Twitter Reactions

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Another thing, Cindy Yuvia (Yupi-chan) is…too much!! So f’n cute!! She saw my fan and waved smiling…I was about to faint!! An angel, that’s what she is!

    kena waro yupi :lol:

  2. kwid says:

    *sob* *sob* *sob* When I saw it. It was so breathtaking

  3. juichi says:

    hmmm.. :roll: reaksinya cukup bagus…
    apakah itu hanya reaksi seasaat.
    sepertinya harus di adakan pertunjukan/conser khusus JKT48.
    untuk melihat reaksi penduduk jepang yang sebenarnya.. : :-P

    • gmo says:

      benar, sepertinya JKT48 membutuhkan banyak konser di luar Jakarta.
      supaya tujuan merilis english version song, fullfilled .. :-D :-D :-D :-D

  4. shunusuke says:

    D*mn, I love their performances. I got distracted with the broken seifuku, but their energetic and all out dance makes it just fine.

    • Tomusu says:

      Broken seifuku? Which one? The ones they wore at Blueberry or Strawberry stage?

      • Fujiwara says:

        i think the seifuku is not broken only unbuttoned .. . reffering to the Shanju black seifuku which cover the bingo one in the inside :-P

      • shunusuke says:

        At the main stage, Strawberry stage. Just like bro Fujiwara said. ‘unbuttoned’. I just find it hard to define the situation. Sorry for my poor vocab. :D

  5. glx48 says:

    Really happy for them!! And even the Japanese fans doing chat like we used in Indonesia.. (counting 5 to 1 and the ourya part)and the best thing is JKT48 sang live!!

  6. Tomusu says:

    Hi, can anyone help me in locating JKT members on that picture? There’s too many Idols there I can’t spot JKT members.

    • Zen says:

      …top on the right side area …near Passpo members …if i’m not wrong … ^_^ …

    • silvesterkayr says:

      Chikarina, harugon, mami next to sakura gakuin (holding flags) up right…viny, kinal, shnju next to passpo (colorful stewardess) middle right

  7. I don’t know why, but when I watched JKT48 perform in Japan it looks like that they perform much better than in Indonesia Television :roll:

  8. ivaineska says:

    Good job for JKT48 :) and I think this is a good start, and it;s about time for them to have their own singles… should we make a petition send to aki-p? ^^

  9. yui'i says:

    On the right place… I’ve clearly seen Nabilah, Kinal & Ve there….

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