Event Report: JKT48 at AFAID 2014

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

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  1. Jvalz says:

    Another trial for JKT48 to perform in front of non fans viewers. 8)

    After their appearance in Java Jazz few months ago, they perform in Shinzui concert and RCTI anniversary that attended mopst by Kpop fans. It must be tough for them, but it will teach them more.

    Good review, thanks RHKilis.

  2. gorgom says:

    more performance in forn of non-fans is always good to train their morale :wink:
    to be blunt, they might be a group of goddesses for fans, but they are still a “less known girlband” for everybody else outside the circle :-?

  3. Benimaru says:

    from your info that stated Yona was the only one actively answer Danny questions, me assumed that she also fluent in english/japanese?

    and how come there are 4 of them on the stage? was it only for introduction?

    • Only four members were on stage for the talk segment. All four answered Danny’s questions, but Yona had the most interesting things to say. Ve acted as the English–Indonesian translator between Danny and the members. (This is actually quite funny in my opinion because Haruka and Danny are totally capable of speaking in Japanese with each other, but they resorted to English and Indonesian.)

      • Rad says:

        Did it not occur to you at all about what would happen if Danny and Haruka conversed in Nihongo? Who did you think would interpret their conversation (from Nihongo to Bahasa) for other JKT48 members and the audiences?
        Haruka herself? No thanks. She sucked as interpreter at Waku Waku Japan Music Festival 2014 where she acted as the middle woman for Flumpool and the rest of audiences.
        What I’m trying to say is I believe Ve’s English skills much more than Haruka’s Bahasa. Ve has learned English longer than Haruka does in Bahasa.

  4. Yui'i says:

    The conclusion is..

    JOT “MUST” focused strategy at showing a member’s unique interests will be received well by non-traditional fans

    Ok, I agree ..

  5. sa-nu-si says:

    The stage event is meant to introduce japan. So i think ve is the best choice as she represent most of jkt48 members and the audience as aliens to japan. And it’s kinda cute to see ve trying to find best words to translate danny’s and member’s. And the most hilarious moment to me is when danny being jealous to haruka’s progress in learning bahasa for only two years. And she replied it with “karena aku pintar” and danny choo suddenly say.. “minum tolak angin, pintar!” like.. he didn’t have any idea that haruka is in the products TV commercial. And i laughed hard all alone. and i got the feeling that those otaku around me give me a weird stare. Or is it because i’m not that young enough to be among them.

    Yeah i was there in the middle row. Two gentlemen behind me did the chants but i could hardly hear them because they hesistated.

    BTW ..Nice entry, Mr. Kilis