JKT48 6th Single Post-Election Analysis

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

4 Responses

  1. Jvalz says:

    The fact that we could save the SMS voting codes untill the very end of voting period makes the CD sales really hard to calculate. Some members fanbase that gain enormous votes at the third phase admitted to use the postponed SMS voting codes, rather than CD votes codes.

    Nice article!

  2. Alayjkt says:

    “If JKT48 fans amass their buying power toward a single member in the 48 Group, they can potentially place her in senbatsu position”

    You comparing Rp.3300 for a JKT sousenkyo vote to Rp.112000 / 1000 yen ( theatre edition CD ) for an AKB sousenkyo vote????? Lol…

    • imron says:

      Lol this guy totally missed the point by miles

    • abaone94 says:

      Rp3300 is only the price for SMS vote, while there is also the Rp35000 CD. Your argument works if the sosenkyo is only based on SMS, but there is also a considerable push from CD votes.

      True that the “cost of vote” from AKB48’s single cannot be compared to JKT48’s, since JKT48’s single is far more cheaper and you can vote 3 times through it. However, if the fans effort is on the same level – in this case spending the equal money spent on JKT48 senkyo on AKB48 senkyo – you certainly can put a JKT48 member into the senbatsu.

      Easily put, IF the ¥13.2 million is allocated to AKB48 sousenkyo, the thought of a JKT48 member ranked among the AKB48 Group members is not impossible. All they need to do is going all out like they did in the local sousenkyo.