JKT48 1st Sousenkyo Result


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  1. sunred says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  2. ken says:

    Well done girls! All of you deserved it. Congratulation especially to Rica :mrgreen: :-D :lol: :-P 8-O :) :wink: 8)

  3. Dai-kun says:

    I must say that Haruka’s rank made me surprised. I expected her to rank below the Kami-7 because she ranked so low in the 1st and 2nd preliminary vote result…

  4. JK21 says:

    jeje and tata is most unpredictable for me… but congrats girl!!

  5. buddy says:

    Congratulation to Haruka. hard work never betray you. :wink:

  6. Erfandiamilan says:

    Melody my oshi!! Congratulation! :-D

  7. danimonkey90 says:

    Melody had solidify herself as the ace of JKT48 and I’m so proud of Shanju’s rise in the final ranking :D Was hoping for Ayen’s rise from the ashes but alas, maybe next time :D

  8. abaone94 says:

    I’m happy for Melody :’) The pressure is getting higher for her, but I’m sure she can handle it.

    Vive le JKT! I hope that this event could make JKT48 brighter in the next upcoming years,

  9. fans Indo says:

    Yappa, GHAIDA!!!! :wink:

  10. Tomo says:

    “If you dislike me, but please don’t dislike JKT!”
    Will Melo say as like as Atsuko Maeda?
    Melody has been attacked by many dirty words from many childish “ANTI” fans
    as like as Atsuko Maeda.
    But I strongly support he from Tokyo :wink:
    Ganbatte Ace, Melo!!!!

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