Eagle Documentary Series: My Idol, My Body and Soul


another fans who found sanctuary in FX 4th floor by being some smart aleck

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  1. The One says:

    I copy-pasted it: “I want this to be a hobby that I can enjoy for a long time, so I want to ruin my relationships. If we ruin our social circle because of this hobby, then it won’t last very long.”
    What is the meaning of the first line that says he wants to ruin his relationships by wanting to make this to be a hobby that he can enjoy for a long time?? Is it a typo from the author of this article?

  2. HERMAN says:

    Already at his forties, has wife and kids but still doing idolling activities. Is that ok? Or…weird?

    • Haddad says:

      well, it’s depend or your definition of what’s “OK”, or “weird”

    • Akiriku says:

      generally.. yes it’s weird or you may assume it as inappropriate, but look up, if our society accustomed with this idoling culture, it isn’t likely that the middle-aged in great measure will do it, just like 48’s fans in Japan did. :)

    • benimaru says:

      it is just a matter of perspective bre :mrgreen:

      look at Bro Yamada, what do you think about him?

      in my perspective, he is the epitome of awesomeness 8) :the man: :the man:

    • Jvalz says:

      To be truthful, few years ago, seeing an adult read comic and play videogame is awkward. But nowadays, after those teenagers grow up and become another adult, it is quite common to see adult read comic and play videogame now. Maybe, for next few years, it will be normal to see and adult do idoling.

    • Tomo says:

      So what? As I posted before, I have 3 daughters.
      No one call me “Mad Man” :wink:

      • Leongekicau says:

        I wouldn’t say anyone would comment old people who support idol/girl band/ any pop singer really as a mad man but generally it is considered to be a youngsters thing in Indonesia. Old people who like those should have a thick skin else they will be pressurize to convert to other “mature” things to do.

        Also considering that Indonesian population consist of youngsters, the preassure build up. So either man up against the comment or “man up” by doing what a ‘real’ man should normally do.

        That being said as the population grows older and people are getting more educated, people would be left to do whatever they want. I guess that is the differance with Japan. Indonesian is a nozy kind of people but at the same time those nozy factor leads to a better bonding within the rt (community within a road).

    • Edo says:

      Whether it’s weird or not depends on each individual. If you are japanophobia, the answer is indeed weird and perhaps annoying. But, if you are a japanophile, the answer is no problem. However, there is no the perfectly correct answer.

  3. gorgom says:

    In the end, idolling is just a hobby. Actually, Bang Emil in that documentary makes me really happy. When he said that he want it to be a hobby that he can enjoy for a long time and it won’t ruin his social relationship. And his wife looks pretty lax about his hobby. :wink:

    I’m on my late 20’s now. And everyday I wonder, until when I’ll keep listening to japanese bubblegumpop music, watch anime, read manga, play video games evey night before I go to bed. And after I watch this documentary (especially Bang Emil), I know that I can do it as long as I want and keep my social relationship intact. It’s all about life balancing I guess. Hmm.

    OTOH, the boy makes me a little sad…somehow, “borrowed” money from class fund is taking it a bit too far…and his mom seems really worried about her son idolling activities…

  4. bach says:

    Watching Emil, makes me realize: he lost orientation in his life.

    • humZ says:

      what do you mean he lost his life orientation? For me he is showing the maturity in this idoling hobby. Beside that, his everyday life is pretty normal and great : have a steady job with pretty good income (look at his house and car), wife whom understand about his hobby (and they are supporting each other hobbies), and healthy children.

      I even can relate my life to his :p I’m on my late twenties, already married with a child, my wife knew i was into this idoling and j-pop culture since we were dating, she’s also still into K-Pop idoling and its helping her to be more closer with her students (She’s working as a junior high school counselor)

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      間もなくアップします。 ^^

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