JKT48 Officials Announcement for Cindy Gulla


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  1. Confused says:

    really want to know what happen. Is this dismissal because she announced graduation 2 days after they record something. I guess Cindy really shock everybody with her sudden graduation announcement…

    • benimaru says:

      it seems so, even Melody seems do not know that she will announced it..

      but it seems what she has done really made the management furious 8-O 8-O even when Octi, Kariin or Niisa resign, they did not use the word “inappropriate”..

      not to disrespect, but regarding all speculation, it is preety amazing to know that a founding figure such as Cindy could do such an act..

      it is really heart breaking…

      • We tend to forget that for underage members, the decision regarding contracts or other legal stuffs are handled by their parents or legal guardians. Even though we know that the members are sincere and kind enough, we can’t never be sure what’s their parents’ thought about such matter.

        • milanpipo says:

          but this is very disrespec to member like cigul. thi is not how 48 family work’s. they event treat cleo better than her :(

          • As I mentioned on the comment below, we tend to fill the gaps of missing information of both sides. I think it’s best not to jump to any conclusion with only so minimal information we’ve got so far. Let’s just wait.

          • Yui'a says:

            I think, she maybe dont know the RESIGN rule of JKT48…
            So she was done a worse thing like that…

  2. Buddy says:

    maybe this problem happen because cindy want quit from JKT48 activity as soon as possible to focus to her other dream while JOT still want her to be active in JKT48 activity for maybe a month. :?: too bad but the show must go on. :-|

  3. My thought about this, taken from my previous tweet:

    There are many versions about a story.
    A version created by A.
    A version created by B.
    And other versions who are created by the audiences to fill the missing gap created by A and B.

    • aruppa says:

      People tend to make up a story or blaming others to face their frustration against something. It seems keep silent about something one doesn’t know is hard. So, I agree with you, it’s hard to verify the story regarding this much secrecy by management. And even when you know the truth, there is a possibility you won’t like the fact at all.
      However reckless the announcement seems, I still believe there are something to prevent or protect from leaking too much information to the fans.
      And, whatever the fault by management side, I think management must do something to prevent the current members to make a bad graduation. There are only 2 members whom graduate smoothly and having the last show. So, I am waiting for your answer, JOT, along with the improvements in every bad mark left so far. Please, don’t treat JKT48 as a mere marketing gimmick. It has been too big to be handled with such narrow vision.

  4. HERMAN says:

    “Cindy Gulla from team J has done inappropriate manner as a member of JKT48.” Seriously, JOT? Explain this sh*t!

  5. zakkie says:


    • Tokyo Pop says:



      • miles says:

        「JOTには愛がない」 「クビは間違ってる」 詳しい事情を知らないのに一方的に
        断罪する方が情けないよ JOTがその決定を単なる怒りや組織防衛のためだけに
        発表したと思うんだ?2年間共に歩んできたんだよ あなた達のような反応が出るのは

        納得できる事情なんて説明できるわけない 彼女の人格や素行に触れざるをえない
        からね そんな愛のない事JOTは望まないよ、というか重大な契約不履行を犯した

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  6. Muhammad Nur Ikhsan says:

    pretty sad to got news about cindy gulla graduation like this, I hope this misunderstanding will get better soon

  7. Tokyo Pop says:

    From JKT48 official website in Japanese.

    Cindy Gulla from team J has done inappropriate manner as a member of JKT48. Therefore,(same so far but..) we(JOT) sack her for the reason noted above.

    This announcement is the same as in the case of other AKB48 members who left the team by scandal… but, I think it is too harsh for only 16 years old girl.
    Anyway,you did a lot of work for JKT48.Good luck!

  8. Thana says:

    I guess if she will play in tv drama,then the “she want to become a doctor,so she has to graduate to pursue her dream” reason is invalid…..

  9. bosokuIndo says:

    inilah akibat tidak sinkroinnya tujuan dari murid dengan sekolahnya. pastilah murid tidak lagi percaya dengan sekolahnya jika gurunya tidak bisa memberi pelajaran sesuai dengan tujuan yang ingin dicapai muridnya. andai ini sekolah maka bagi sekolah yang tidak bisa menunjukkan kualitas lulusannya pastilah sekolah itu akan turun peringkatnya atau bisa juga muridnya yang baru hanya kualiatas rendahan. btw SELAMAT UNTUK CINDY !! raihlah cita-citamu karena kesempatan tidak akan datang kedua kalinya. Penggemar sejatimu bukan hanya di JKT48 tapi ada didunia nyata. GANBACINDY!

    • somedude says:

      get a life

    • Soso says:

      Klise banget, ampe bosen gw denger kata-kata “Dia itu graduate untuk mengejar mimpi-mimpinya!” Gw pikir itu cuma kata-kata formal yang secara monoton terus diulang-ulang diucapin pas muncul isu graduate.

  10. Cl4p Trap says:

    I hope JOT could announce it sooner, and JKT48 have one extra spot for more comitted member.
    Sir Alex Ferguson’s 7 Leadership Secrets:
    (3) No-One Is Bigger Than The Team

    Good riddance anyway :lol:

  11. gorgom says:

    Well, Cigul already got a role in a tv series, so good for her.

    On the other hand, there is one extra seat for members (or kks) who really want to be with jkt48.

    So yeah… :)

  12. somedude says:

    And i was hoping that she will never join local TV show , what a waste of talent , *sigh*

  13. Yui'a says:

    Weew… Cleo Cases has happened again,…If cleo has the private reason to do something will curse her carreer on next time…,
    also Cindy Gulla do the same case as cleo do, but what her reason to do it ?…. it’s pity
    Melody, Kinal or even other member JKT don’t know ?….

    I think, she maybe dont know the RESIGN rule of JKT48…So she was done a worse thing like that…

    Some people has said that she want to be doctor… it’s okay
    I also have a video from youtube recommend video,
    maybe her friend in school… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKLGxYa1jK8
    If that video was a truth, so pity to CIGUL… WHY SHE DONE IT…..

    I just hope she will get her dream as doctor…
    and We’ll miss you even you have done some worse think on your graduate…
    Gambatte CIGUL…

  14. akubukankamu says:

    Sok ingris lu pada, hormatin indonesia men, jkt48 itu jakarta bukan london !

    • bosokuIndo says:

      setuju bang…xixixi :D
      padahal sumpah sampe matinya kan berbahasa satu..kasian y bang. GANBACINDY!!!!

      • renjerlupapassword says:

        Menggunakan bahasa Inggris di forum internasional itu wajar. Jangan keras kepala.Kalau tadi di laman maya yang ditujukan kepada pirsawan dalam negeri, wajar menggunakan bahasa Indonesia. Soekarno berbicara kepada Kennedy, kepada Eisenhower, kepada Johnson menggunakan bahasa apa kira-kira? Frasa “Go to hell with your aid” itu menggunakan bahasa apa kira-kira? Nasionalis boleh, tapi tolong gunakan lo-gi-ka. Saya menggunakan bahasa Indonesia agar anda lebih paham, barangkali anda lebih nyaman terimakasih.

      • adyth says:

        I didn’t know that Cindy’s fans are this childish…

    • Blake Smith says:

      Excuse me, but I am a JKT48 fan from London. This conversation in English is useful for us international fans. Don’t you want JKT48 be famous all around the world? Warm Regards.

      • Johny says:

        I agree. Although some people on the comment above may be proud of what-they-called-nationalism, I think if we are on the international site that is visited by many other people from other countries that at least understand the international language, and that would be english. I think the admins should moderate some of the unnecessary comments(or flaming) that would lead to needless discussions.

        Anyway, to keep the discussion on topic, I think one of the strange thing in her graduation is that she had two twitter accounts before (@CindyGulla09 and @CindyGulla0). And after the graduation announcemen, she changed her twitter name to @CindyGulla09 which is strange because Stella changed her twitter name after the graduation. Not to mention the rumour about her getting a secret boyfriend.

      • benimaru says:

        greetings Sir,

        please pardon those who are still retarded enough to understood the purpose of using english as the main language in this site

        just as a trivia; the word they use are not even standarize Indonesian word, which made them look even more retarded (some even will try to reply to this post, trying to start online word war)

  15. Getto says:

    So, the fake loli finally being kicked out.
    She don’t deserve any graduation after violating contract

    • milanpipo says:

      you wrong she’s not in under contract :roll:

      • Getto says:

        She got spot at unit song in the new setlist, but actually she work for JKT48 without contract?
        Wow, you really logical. Pardon my stupidity :lol:

        • KageTora says:

          It’s not about being logical. It’s about being real. Try to enter Indonesia entertainment, and you won’t be too surprised that such things happen. There are things that are even more ‘illogical’ behind the scene.

          No, you are not stupid. You simply don’t know the truth.

        • milanpipo says:

          hahaha welcom to indonesia sir . i know it’s ridiculous but it’s the fact :lol:

  16. odong2 says:

    Is this conflict just a fake? Cindy already got a role in a tv drama that will be aired soon in RCTI. RCTI is a part of MNC Group. MNC has a big role behind the scene of JKT48 even since it was formed in 2011. There are a lot of staffs who came from MNC Group, the indohits record is also a part of MNC Group. Just wonder if they use this conflict to rise up the fame of Cindy and the series. Some ex-members also tend to continue their career under the management of MNC Group. (Just crazy and random thought. Don’t take it too hard)

  17. IndoPr0 says:

    Looks like this is due to Cindy’s upcoming role in a sinetron/soap opera (with Ochi, nonetheless).
    I speculate that this is due to the PH not contacting JOT properly.
    I personally think that JOT will turn down the offer, considering that the sinetron will air DAILY, interfering with her JKT48 schedule.

  18. GAKKY says:



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  19. Kadenza Wijaya says:

    The issue here is that JOT put statement like: Cindy Gulla from team J has done inappropriate manner as a member of JKT48.

    Why write down that kind of agitating statement, if you don’t elaborate what the issue was? It will just create stupid speculations among the fans. If it is contract violation, why don’t just write it as such?

    Otherwise, just keep it short and say Cindy has resigned. Even if JOT is butthurt with the decision, they should just keep it to themselves, and not confuse / agitate the public.

  20. Blaster says:

    One thing for sure: Cigull was more concerned with the assignment of contract deadline set by the serial drama’s production house party than with the last chance to interact with her own fans via JKT48 Managu Handshake Event.
    JOT is butthurt toward Cigull especially because of them losing face in front of their Niseko resort town client and not to mention the loss of potential income from Cigull’s HS tickets and other swags.
    Cigull to JOT: “That’s what you get for never include me into JKT single senbatsu.”

    • Yui'i says:

      I Added for you… I’m not going to defend both sides

      One thing for sure too:
      JKT48 jut not place to get yu’r DREAMS, but place to WORK…
      So I your work, You must know the RULE…

      Please remember, no matter who is actually wrong…
      “if you do as you please, so wherever you are, wherever you’re going to work, it would be hard for them to trust you”.
      You can see Cleo, I really liked her then and now too.
      But do you know ? .. Now, to ME, to love her is too hard to do, because her name already be bad, so she is less acceptable in public and rarely appear on television. So how to her fans again…

      Remember the first Cleo might make mistakes just because of momentary emotions and ignorance of the rules, but see what’s happen now ..

      If you say the reason Cigul out and seek revenge is because Cigul not enter Senbatsu..
      I think you definitely made ​​cigul as DEVIL.

      Honestly if it’s true cigul out and make a mess in return for not entering HER in senbantsu single… I’m really pity for her.
      So wherever cigul are, she will be seen as people who do not have the responsibility & could not be trusted..

      I hope your words just bullshit and do not make cigul as a VILLAIN.. you must sorry to her

      I think, She might even just following the advice of her parents to play role into a soap opera/sinetron as actress,
      and she has not understood the rules in a job, resign rules and parts..

      She was even 16 years old. so there is the possibility of all the parents just act alone. I have thought many times, she maybe not know that her action will be APPEAR as BIG-SCANDAL in later time..

      Once again, I really hope this case close immediately, I think she will get big burden in her HEAD if this case prolonged in media.

      Rememberd, She just girl 16 years old, not mature anymore and she has not MATURE at all of her behavior. she still a teenager.