WakuWaku Japan Live Music Festival

Pitra Satvika

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9 Responses

  1. yhyksk says:

    kamen ghaida :mrgreen:

  2. tsu says:

    Really, Harugon is becoming more and more likeable in the eyes of most Indonesian
    IIRC, Sophie Navita herself said that she liked Harugon
    Me too, hoped that Gon really find a way to Indonesian showbiz aside from her being a JKT member
    Go Harugon !!

  3. HERMAN says:

    Damn! BCL’s ‘seifuku’ is hot. (And you said JKT48’s mini skirt is too short?)

  4. ari says:

    seems in the event today there’s an anouncement, that is:
    1. flying get line up in wakuwaku festival are the senbatsu for the song and it is the 5th single

    2. for the 6th single there will be sousenkyo for the line up. about the song there’s no information yet if it will be a(nother) covering track or an original song

  5. benimaru says:


    jakagon is one of jakarta precious now :-D

  6. Soso says:

    Dat Ultraman suit :lol: hahahahahha

  7. indr@ says:

    Chouzetsu kawaii..AFGAN!! :mrgreen: