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  1. D. Blessa says:

    – Verranzo: “I personally can not wait for this event as well as another JKT48 upcoming events such as the like of team KIII new setlist, new kenkyuusei, third generation stage. Let’s have this with honest and supportive feeling. May the best remain forever.”
    I feel you Bro!!
    – “Let’s hope the senbatsu single will appear as the long awaited original JKT48 song and we can buy a lot of it with satisfied and glorious feelings.”
    I’m not a futurologist nor am I a pessimist but I just want to inform you that JKT48 6th single will be another cover of AKB48 song. I’m sorry bro.

  2. Yui'a says:

    System vote like that not always fair, because it’s actually the opposite of a vote by the management.
    Here not japan…………..
    We know indonesia, if someone there(member jkt48) have connection out of JKT48 control,
    They will make her part(single) sell more than other…

    Yaah, On the other side, if CD/DVD sold out of cource it’s more profitable to JKT48,
    but not for ordinary JKT48 member, She acn only pray and hope her fans buys he single, so she get ticket to be senbatsu…

    In Indonesia, This system is hell for other member who just ordinary people…
    She just hope her fans buy her single as much as they could…

    • holcr says:

      please state your opinion in a good and readable english :lol:

    • BosokuIndo says:

      pakai bahasa indonesia aja mbak…seperti aku santai aja.walaupun aku keturunan yg tinggal di spanyol tetap percaya diri pakai bahasa indonesia. tidak yang tinggal di indonesia yang lupa diri padahal di eropa ingin belajar bahasa indonesia. tapi sayang gurunya sedikit jadi banyak kerjaan disini jadi guru bahasa indonesia xixixi :D

      • Aku Indonesia says:

        Saya suka dengan Rasa Nasionalis Anda!!

      • Angga says:

        People got their own preferences, no need to force your idea. I respect your decision to use Bahasa Indonesia, and I hope you as well respect people choices unlike the winner of the ROFL Awards above ya on Cindy’s article.

        Anyway, just use an analogy of TOR user like you against those who preferred easy to use ZenMate.

      • benimaru says:

        usted piensas todos van a creer lo que estas diciendo?

        si usted vive en Spanyol, entonces yo vive en washington casa blanca :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. Annie Tjia says:

    To be honest I was surprised about this news. I’m not really sure if this system will be good for JKT48 or not, but I hope it’ll be held in fair game. Voting may be whether a big opportuny or boomerang for members who don’t have much popularity amongst fans. So I hope for members who haven’t gotten their chance in senbatsu place to be given one for this single election.

  4. Verranzo says:

    Well, i’m honestly expecting the best out of it :-D

    Speaking about fairness, i think this system is the most fair system among the ways of choosing senbatsu. The fans got their opinions on the last four singles and they soon, will be having a chance to decide the senbatsu arrangement. Sure, this fandom needs to believe the power of the fans more 8)

  5. Gita says:

    I want to see kenkyuusei on the front line~ It’s really a miracle if we can see them as senbatsu. Well they’re really working hard these past year, don’t you think? If they can make it, it will be a shocking news and unpredictable one. Hope fans make it happen ^^

  6. Verranzo says:

    I hope this system will bring another point of view of senbatsu to all JKT48 fans, some members were getting fancied by fans to enter the senbatsu time by time but did not go well with the management’s decision. Well, this time is ours.

    Sure, kenkyuusei members are the most hardworking members despite their position and popularity. I reckon some kenkyuusei members now will get a chance to be promoted to any of team J/KIII eventually with the arrival of 3rd gen.

    • Gita says:

      The chance finally come to Rachel and Vanka. They promoted to team J ^^ I’m happy for them. But the rest of trainee didn’t get promoted this time. :”
      Sad and happy at the same time :cry: