The Long and Winding Road – Webisode Part 2


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  1. D. Blessa says:

    All of the 3rd gen final audition participants’ reactions when seeing Melody reminds me with then-1st gen final audition participants’ ones when seeing Takamina.

  2. benimaru says:

    Gen 1; chosen by Yasushi Akimoto, got visit by Minami Takahashi, got a rare chance to visiting AKB48 show in tokyo dome (even performing there)

    Gen 2; chosen by JOT, got a rare chance to visiting AKB48 theatre..

    Gen 3; chosen by JOT, got visit by Melody Nuramdhani, got a chance to visiting JKT48 theatre..

    • Zen says:

      …eh, if i’m not wrong Gen-2 was chosen by Aki-p too …’n Reino Barack already confirmed that he’s gonna be the final judges for the 3rd Gen along with Aki-p too …

    • EkoZ says:

      @Benimaru: I can see that you’re simply trying too hard at making a “2nd&3rd-Gens-ain’t-got-the same-treatment-as-that of-1st Gen” farce but it’s too bad your information is incomplete and it can mislead new fans. Let me correct you.
      * 1st Gen:
      Gen 1 final audition participants were chosen NOT ONLY by Aki-P. There were three companies’ representatives on JKT48 1st gen final audition at Grand Hyatt Hotel: Aki-P and some people (AKS reps.); Harris Thajeb, Ghopta Chandra, Inao Jiro (Dentsu/JOT reps.); Reino Barack (MNC Media Group rep.). Regarding Takamina’s visit, she was ordered to visit the 1st gen final audition participants during their training simply because some then-JKT48 1st gen final audition participants would be the pillar and foundation of JKT48 aka JKT48 very first generation. I don’t think it’s necessary to send other JPN48 girls again for the next gen final audition participants’ (2nd, 3rd and so on) training.
      * 2nd Gen:
      – The Final Audition @RCTI studio: Gen 2 final audition participants were chosen NOT ONLY by Dentsu/JOT. There were again three companies’ representatives on JKT48 2nd gen final audition at RCTI studio: Takumi Matsumura (AKS rep.), Harris Thajeb, Ghopta Chandra, Masato Ono, Toshiaki Gomi (Dentsu/JOT reps.), Kanti Mirdiati (RCTI rep. on behalf MNC Media Group).
      – The “Real” Final Audition in Tokyo, Japan: This final audition simply exists for creating a rich and grand ending/closing episode for JKT48 2nd Gen audition reality show program on RCTI and it was sugar coated by the so called Aki-P’s infamous SURPRISE. This “real” final audition in Tokyo, Japan DID NOT intervene whatsoever with the previous ABSOLUTE final results at RCTI studio. I’ll say it again: This “real” Final Audition was simply made for a grand ending/closing episode for JKT48 2nd gen audition reality show: sightseeing in Tokyo, visiting AKB48 Cafe&Shop and watching AKB48 theater show performance LIVE @Akiba, getting judged by 48G very own Total Producer, 2nd gen final audition celebration on a Yacht, etc. This time there were only reps from AKS (Aki-P and some people) and Dentsu/JOT reps. (Inao Jiro and some people) without any rep from RCTI nor MNC Media Group.
      *3rd gen: Those girls which Melody visited IS NOT JKT48 3rd gen. They are currently mere JKT48 3rd gen final audition participants. The JKT48 3rd gen audition we all watched together on RCTI back then was simply to select those who have the rights to be JKT48 3rd gen final audition participants. The JKT48 3rd final audition itself have yet to start.
      Ijou desu.

      • benimaru says:

        if it is true, than it is glad to know then..

        me just hope those girls do not feel inferior..

        because some of gen 2 does..

        • HERMAN says:

          Do we all? I mean, look at them (Team J or Gen 1)! Not to underestimate team K3 or Gen 2, but Team J is the original JKT48. They are veterans, they are well experienced, they are founding members, and they even performed in Tokyo Dome. Team K3? Well, they’re good though, but….. ehm… Look,tell me what’d you say when you watched JKT48 without team J. Me?? Like this:

          Buddy(Not a wota): Heeey broooo, JKT48 on TV now!!
          Me: No sh*t?? Lemme see…lemme see…….(Watching for a while)….uhm…eh….Well, I shall go back to my work.
          Buddy: What? It’s JKT48 isn’t it? Not Che*****le. You love JKT48, don’t you?
          Me: Yeah….it is. But it’s “just” Team K3. So that means the event isn’t bonafide enough anyway.
          Buddy: Team K3?? Who the hell is Team K3? I thought it is JKT48! Am I wrong?
          Me: Will you shut up please?? I got a lot of work to do!!

          See? Who doesn’t feel inferior to team J??

        • rick says:

          than it is our job as a fan of gen 2 to make them not feeling inferior
          and not blaming others just because some members who feel like that