The Andela Saga


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  1. kamaruzaman says:

    Weak aidoru!

    • eantz says:

      I don’t think it’s about the mental. But it’s about the health.
      Everyone has their own limit. And maybe this time her body reach the limit where she can’t accept anymore.
      If you watched “Sudut Pandang” in MetroTV a couple days back, you would realize that Milenia was enjoying her time in JKT48 and if only her body doesn’t limit her, I think that she will be still in the JKT48. (Note : this is just my opinion, not clearly stated during the show)

      Moreover, this is very common for AKB48 group in general. Some members decided to leave because of their health condition. (Ex : Saeki Mika, Mitsumune Kaoru)
      Mitsumune Kaoru had the similar condition with Andela that time (if I’m not mistaken). She was one of KKS that has a lot potentials.

  2. Yuihan says:

    Get well son Andela T.T

  3. Ronpha says:

    It doesn’t matter whether mental or physical.  Quit it is her choice. But the problem is how to quit. Is she correct?
    She was bothered to so many people. I think she don’t understand the obligation responsibility contract. Because she’s still a child?????
    By the way,Does this matter not breach of contract ?

  4. Ronpha says:

    To: JKT48stuff

    Do me a favor
    Melody has been talking about the original CD in the Ini Talk Show. Can you translate that part?

  5. I’m still waitin for the official confirmation from JOT, hope that andela will stay longer in JKT48 :(

  6. Fujiwara says:

    i think its just a matter of time before JOT announce Andela graduation, her family doesnt want her in Jkt anymore because of her health problems. . . while JOT cant have her graduate yet because she is still bound to contract to one of the JKT48 sponsors . . .
    well i do hope andela doesnt quit but rather take time like 6 month to heal her sickness and then go back to JKT48 :(

  7. kantp says:

    why older HARUKA is in teamT? teamT lost freshpower and lost bigtalent ANDELA .
    ANDELA was should become captain or center.