AKBxJKT Concert – Man On A mission


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  1. rizka says:

    Great impression from Angga
    Anw, i consider myself lucky then, my seating section is as calm as Veranda hahaha

    Great concert, Yui is GODLY, AKB is smooth as alwyas, Naachan, Sayaya and Ryoka are cute too haha
    The JKT is not slacking either, they really can keep it up this time (hints 2012)
    Kudos to Rena and Gon for their dual language capability

    In the end, i’ll come again, for sure

  2. Gomi says:

    “Even today, I only know so little about the originator group. The learning curve is pretty high with that so much members and the so colorful history of the group.”

    I see. That explains why you and your friends keep insisting on the idea that Renai Kinshi Jourei in AKB48Group is nothing but a myth. Anyway, great article as usual. Thanks.

    • Angga says:

      Hmm…I wonder where my very solid source for that myth claim would be? Ah right, somewhere in this site articles archive :lol: . If your gear is okay, I’m sure you’d find the red dot.

      And you are very welcome!


      Ah one thing though, I wrote about it being a myth on my personal blog Which I believe you also read. Which means, it represent my own opinion. My fellas in this site might have different opinion about that. Heck even if I wrote it here, I always filed it under “Opinion”.

    • mototomomoto says:

      he is just honest to the dot. claiming he knows so little doesn;t mean he knows nothing.

      sorry for my english.

  3. Annie Tjia says:

    Oh, seriously. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I could went to the concert. :'( You all talk about it while I’m here being left out. Still, congrats for the concert’s success. I feel relieved that everyone and even AKB members give positive reviews about the joint concert. Looking forward to their next concerts, hopefully it’ll be many more in the future. :)

  4. Fujiwara says:

    well i have mix feeling bout this concert . . ..
    overall performance of the AKB and Jkt teams are great including the mix performance :wink:
    but on the other hand the AKB fan (purish) behaviour dissapoint me .. . .
    i sat on the fourth row of the platinum seating, row 1 to 3 is filled with AKB hardcore fans .. .
    when the show start and akb member performing the immidietly stand and provoke other fans to stand as well . ..
    i mean come on .. . i didnt pay 500k plus to watch the show standing. . .if i wanted that i might as well buy the festival ticket :roll:
    it was total chaos as the fans started to stand cause the front fans are standing and blocking their view .. . it was not until the 5’th or 6’th song then some secuirity comes and tell the fans to sit down .. . almost blow my fuse and wanted to throw my light stick at em :evil:

    they only chant when AKB member are performing and totaly silence when the jkt are performing :roll:
    well in my opinion 2/3 of the concert fans are AKB fans and only 1/3 are Jkt fans….while im sure not all AKB fans behaviour are like that, but i guess haters will always be haters . ..
    no intention on dissrespecting Akb Fans that came there .. . just letting out some vent out some frustration from yesterday concert :oops:

    • Warlock says:

      here, dat fucking purist, especially with black tshirt, with title AKB48 Concert in Indonesia. meh, where”s JKT? its not real just a myth. lol

  5. animevoicejanai says:

    Dat purist,lol :evil:
    when JKT mv being played they’re silent, when Green Flash mv they’re excited.
    then silent again, when Kibouteki excited again.
    the silence also on the wink wa 3 kai, eien pressure
    and take a short break when JKT perform…. lol :lol:

    even there are saying, “when JKT perform I’ll colsed my eyes” lol
    they are so persistent, dat purist…. :mrgreen:

  6. Gamba says:

    purist? :-D
    dat cocky inferior expression towards jkt & fans.. lol
    worship jpn48, and jkt is shit, full of scumbag.
    even jkt is not exist in their eyes. :lol:

    • Fujiwara says:

      yes its them allright lol . .. .by the way the video screen shot you take is from my video lmao :-P
      and as you can see on the back of their T-Shirts .. . AKB concert in Indonesia 20th Febuary 2015 .. .
      .i mean WTF are you blind purist :roll:
      you all loco 8-O

  7. Angga says:

    My own take about the “AKB48 Concert in Indonesia” T-shirt and omitting JKT48 deliberately from it:

    Well, yeah, it is a douchebag move. But in the end of the day, they were only expressing their preferences silently, so I’m not really troubled by it.

    We already know how they behave and how they act. All that I can do is raising questions of why’d they do that? What’s the motivation behind it? Is it merely just for for the lulz? There are so many unanswered questions on my head now and I’m really confused.

    All I can do now is just guessing that it was perhaps too hard for them to accept something foreign into their comfort zone. But that is just my guess.

    My only message to you guys above is: You already saw how they behave, use it as an example of not how to behave in a concert and post-concert. You may ask their motivation publicly, but don’t hating on the other sister groups too.

    PS: I’m still learning to control my bewildered self too. One step at a time, I guess.

  8. goldy says:

    When they asked me and my friends to stand, we stand also but one of the fans shouted us to sit down. I thought that was one of the security. And then we stand again following the purist at 1st row and then the real security told us to sit down. Hmm confused with this I just sat down until KFC where members told us to stand and dance together :p

  9. shunusuke says:

    ahahaha, I laughed a lot reading comments above, but hey is they really that bad? because from my view in festival area, which is of course many akb fans who didn;t really pay attention to jkt, they still respect the girls and enjoy in every performances either jkt or akb.
    The only one that makes me sad is, when jkt perform, people who did the chant mix is not as many as when akb perform. (except river, I guess)

  10. kevinMario says:

    Angga, I’m sorry to hear that your experience was somewhat tainted by irresponsible acts by those “pure” (?) fans.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of JKT and I honestly can’t stand listening to 48G songs in Indonesian ( with the exception of First Rabbit and KimiKoto ) but I also can’t stand people that don’t appreciate others who are trying their best to make others happy.

    I weighed those dislikes, and I decided that I will NOT be a person that even I myself hate. And you know what – I enjoyed that concert with all my body and soul.

    Sure, if I had the option to switch languages that I am hearing like those bilingual modes in modern TVs, then I’ll probably set my settings to Japanese by default – but seeing the JKT members trying their hardest is not something that I think a REAL “TRUE” fan can ignore.

    48G is all about effort.

    People who can’t appreciate effort ( shown LIVE in front of them!!! ) obviously can NOT be a fan.

    So those “true” fans? The “purists” you mentioned earlier? They’re simply wannabes who just happen to understand a little Japanese, know a little about AKB48, and listened a little to their music.

    Please, don’t even try and group them with us.

    • Angga says:

      Heya Kev! Nice to see you here.

      Naaah, I’m not trying to giving out suggestions that the general AKB fans is an obnoxious douchebag. It is just that perhaps I might not be so lucky that there are only several people who can appreciate both groups on my seating row in the Platinum area.

      I’m not that kind of a guy who would chant in a concert and prefer to just sing-a-long to the songs and listened closely to the bass-line. This is perhaps due to my background in the early (circa 2000-2001) local J-fandom where we had to channeled our love towards it by performing in a very small area in a cramped, small cafe in South Jakarta. (Maybe one of this site readers ever heard of “Nirvana Cafe” weekly event back then?)

      So yeah, maybe I also contributed to the general opinion of “the platinum seated AKB fans are people who can’t appreciate others.”

      Sad thing is Kev, I know some of the people that seated on Platinum are people who knew AKB way long before with enough knowledge for their history and so forth. Which kinda put me in a loop of confusion, something that I have never see before in J-Culture fandom. A some sort of isolated extremism that you can only find in religion, political views, and sports fan.

      What I hoped to be a beautiful collaboration concert have turned out to be a bragging stage to show who got the bigger genitalia between AKB and JKT fans. It is still a great concert, but the fights and brag between the fans post-concert had left me with a very bitter taste on my views towards both fandom. It is silly and totally uncalled for.

      I just hope that those people can be like you Kev, who can still appreciate others.

      But anyway, I still love the girls, all of them, regardless of their origin. And hey, at least the girls are giving out an example on how to behave: Loving and respecting each others :lol:

      • kevinMario says:

        I’m confused, did we really go to the same concert?

        What I experienced and what I’ve been hearing from you are two totally different things, even though we’re only one section apart.

        You know what, I’m glad I didn’t get my Platinum ticket and settled with Gold. I’d be pissed off if I come all the way to Australia, paid top $$$ only to sit surrounded by a bunch of whiners.

        • Angga says:

          Ya know Kev, if I could rewind the time, I’d gladly exchange me and my cousin Platinum tickets to Gold :lol:

          • silvesterkayr says:

            I got the gold and yeah it’s better, especially front corner position, it was so clos3 to the member , for Rp. 330.000 i’m satisfied. But no surprise in this concert

  11. silvesterkayr says:

    Hahaha this is all about ruckus that ruined ours big day eh. I it happened to me too. Young ruckus behind and beside me were annoying enough . The one behind me spreaded his ‘jigong’ everywhere on my back even hitted my head with his bag accid3ntally, and then one besid3 me moved his body just like ‘i never exist’ beside him lol. But i’m not the one who keep silent, i gave those two my mad eyes and yelled to them ‘please respect…’ and those two were stop acting s**t anymore. God bless you. Note: the one in front of me and right side of me were really a god boy (even no chant s :roll: husssh… )