AKB48 Social Media Update 02 – Before and After Concert


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  1. gorgom says:

    before concert, fans be like…”yawn, the lineup is not good. where is yukirin? where is paruru? takamina isn’t coming!?”
    after concert : “naachaan! naachan!”


    hope this give naachan more bump :wink:

    …and shimada too, is it just me or Indonesian (including me) really like variety type idol :-P

  2. somedude says:

    Thou shalt bow to Naachan

  3. Fujiwara says:

    well ill have to give the MVP for the concert to Na Chan .. . everytime her face is on the big screen the fans goes nuts . .. which sometimes can be annoying since the face is shown when members are trying to speak and cant be heard because all the fans screaming :)
    great job for Rena as the MC and Haruka too .. .
    Shimada was really funny at the games against Jkt member . .. to bad she is 22 now . .. if only she is still 20 or 19 im sure she consider transfering to Jkt since she is like very welcome by the fans here (just my assumption though :oops: ):lol:

    • anon says:

      Ya,my follower asked me to tell Shimada that”If you have chance,please transfer to JKT” I tell her that by Twitter.

  4. benimaru says:

    from me colleague report, it seems more like AKB concert with 67 JKT backdancers..

    • Angga says:

      Eh? Not really, there were lots of collaboration moment between them. Like 2 AKB x 2 JKT members and so on. Or alternating front liners members.

    • Fujiwara says:

      well most of the song when doing a collaboration is like that .. .the song is in Japanese and the AKB takes center stage .. .
      altough there is times that its split equaly when doing unit songs .. . but still most of the songs sang in the collaboration are in Japanese

      • Angga says:

        Hmmm not even realizing that as I just sang-a-long with all songs :lol: .

        But then again, it’s not everyday AKB is having a concert here, so I guess it’s okay to sing in Japanese once in a while and for them to takes the center stage in a collaboration concert.

  5. Nathan says:

    Seems like the AKB48 members had a really, really great time. Here’s hoping for more events and concerts involving AKB48 in Jakarta, maybe courtesy of Waku Waku Japan — these events can really help boost their popularity and ratings, I’m sure they know that. I really need to see Naachan in person and I sincerely hope I won’t need to go to Japan to do that…

  6. silvesterkayr says:

    Surely I will back here for another concert again. I love Jakarta. By Nana. You are tenshi!!! Yeaaaaaahh

  7. arrifeb says:

    wow new york 8-O

  8. q says:

    “I exchanged my LINE contact with her.”
    Michelle IMBA..

  9. BalaBala says:

    Some JKT’s member make their impression about AKB’s member in their sosial media, won’t you make the english translation