Novinta Dhini: The Meltdown


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  1. Silver Wind says:

    Doitsu is from Hetalia. Nobi is currently crazy about the series, and especially about the character, the human version of Germany:

    My poor Kiddo. XDDD Well, at least Hirari knows her now. XDDD

  2. Nathan says:

    That line “wat de actual fug” totally cracked me up :lol:

  3. bch2lg says:

    i’m crying a lot .
    i don’t know why.
    poor my heart.

  4. Block says:

    I’m happy for her. Well, she’s just another pure soul who actually met her idol. :)
    I really hope they can be friend somehow.. She deserve it, she is a hard worker.

  5. Joco says:

    Guess, Hirari is half Doitsu and Japanese.

    • divangelis says:

      She is half American and half Japanese tho..

      • Joco says:

        Is that so? well, Americans are a melting pot tho.

        • razgriz2520 says:

          As far as i know she’s 100% Japanese but she lived in USA for quite a while then moved to Japan..
          That’s why she’s more fluent in English (since it’s his native languange) than Japanese

          • figojapon says:

            in July 16th 1998, She was bone in Arizona Stats. And she has a youg brother.

            When she graduated primary shool, she leave US with her mother.(without papa & brother)


          • 名無し says:

            She is half American and half Japanese. Her father is American and mother is Japanese, according to this interview.

  6. daydreamerzz says:

    My oshi is such a crazy fangirl but i love her for that so hahahahaha. Nice article kak angga >.<

  7. figojapon says:

    What a lucky girl you are!
    Now, you are a famouse JKT48 member in 48Group fans of JPN.
    Becouse, this News is anounced by SNS.
    Can you check it?