JKT48 3rd Anniversary Concert Second Day Recap


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  1. benimaru says:

    The biggest wtf; 4 gulalli?

    And me thought they adopt sweet and spoiled AKA manis manja for old times sake..

    are they also singing akb songs?

  2. jono says:

    please make thorough review and field report :) !

  3. jono says:

    please make thorough review and report :) !

  4. Juichi says:

    Gulali = Permen kapas (manis) :oops:

  5. glx48 says:

    and the best moment was when they told fans there will be a joint concert between AKB and JKT the fans went crazy as hell 8-O 8-O

    • Fujiwara says:

      yes went crazy and started to throw light stick at the festival fans .. .sigh. . . .
      but the joint concert is something i look forward too 8-O
      just hoping the ticket price will be wallet friendly :lol:

  6. q says:

    JKT x AKB…
    Rena-chan is back!!

  7. somedude says:

    Who came up with such an uncreative name ? It’s like they didn’t put any effort into it . I mean it doesn’t have to be like there’s some sort of philosophical meaning behind the name , just make it more “ear-catchy” , or at least just use “Gulali” and lose the number .

    But it’s none of my business , lol .

    AKB’s coming ! Holycooooooowww !

  8. shunusuke says:

    I think I’m fine with the name 4 gulali.
    but yeah I don’t see it’s important to make such a subunit yet.
    first time being on the JKT48 concert make me realize that JKT48 fans aren’t too many as I think before

  9. Annie Tjia says:

    It’s an okay name, but people would have expected cooler one. Haruka made a good decision to form a new subunit when I watched they performed Chu2. Since I’m a far fan I can’t see Sinka on Theater and don’t recognize names like Grace. Sinka is cuter than I’ve seen her before and her appearance when singing the song was cool. I’m looking forward to seeing more projects like this one. Btw, Congrats JKT48 for the concert’s success.