A Nice Surprise for Dhike


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  1. Razgriz2520 says:

    hahaha.. as a MotoGP fan it really was quite a shock to see THE Pedrosa holding that paper 8-O :)

    ..and you’re right Angga, this kind of thing is a rarity now, fans (not all of them of course) seems to be the one who hurt the girls rather than to be the one help them & put a smile on their face… it saddens me, really..

    *sorry if the English is bad*

    • RadBrad says:

      “fans (not all of them of course) seems to be the one who hurt the girls rather than to be the one help them & put a smile on their face”

      Abraham, let’s give our all to support their romantic relationship with their boyfriend. That’s the most important thing for them to be able to put a smile on their face.

      • Angga says:

        Well if that is a small part that can put a smile over their face after the arduous training, then why not? They are not an object that fans can keep forever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • Horikichi says:

          Angga has said it.

          Is it safe to say now that JKT48Stuff officially support JKT members’ romantic relationship? Well, thanks for making it crystal clear.

          I also support JKT48Stuff stance against Love Ban Rule. RIP Love Ban Rule. :wink:

          • Angga says:

            Each of us here at Stuff have different stance on this case. For me personally, it’s not really that much of a problem :D

            My voice is not Stuff’s voice, that’s for sure.

      • somedude says:

        Yes ,even Aki-P has stated that the so called golden rules is a just-for-fun thing , but i think they still have to keep up with that “image” or “gimmick” (?) that they brought to the market , because that’s what they bragged about right ?
        Well if they have to do such thing , at least don’t get caught , don’t let the fans know , because they have an image to keep , because apparently so many people are still.clinging to their purity complex

      • Razgriz2520 says:

        Honestly i don’t really care about the whole boyfriend, golden rules or other things that become the hot topic in our fandom since i already declared that i only see them as ‘idols’ when they’re in the stage or anywhere when they do their job as an idol, other than that i won’t disturb them and just see them as a regular person like other people, they have their own life and i have mine… Of course some won’t agree with me hahaha… :-D

  2. shunusuke says:

    “something that I personally would like to call an oasis in the middle of recent waves of needless dramas:”
    hahaha I couldn’t agree more with you Angga, this one is priceless, especially for Dhike :mrgreen:

  3. somedude says:

    Now this is what you call supporting , to make your idol happy for being an idol , and to make sure that they are an “idol” . (I’m trying to make a cool statement here , hahaha)
    Smile girls , smile ! Smile and let us be mesmerized !

  4. Dear Angga,

    Please do update her following convo with the Laksani sisters. It’s hillarious!
    Thanks for the article

  5. abid says:

    what a great fan he is.. :’)
    im gonna spread his “message” amongst the mmber of FJKT48 commu on G+ im joining in, which lately was heated by that unneeded drama..

    • Ryand says:

      I’m also touched by the action of that Dhike’s fan. I can’t imagine how happy she was in knowing that.
      Anyway, I also completely agree with you regarding that unneeded drama. We did not need that kind of drama. JKT48 fans should be united in concealing any rule violation by JKT48 members. It’s not our right to interfere on their private life. Angga said it nicely.
      The bashing suffered by related members is already too much. As JKT loyal and devoted fans we should keep the public from knowing no matter the cost. We should learn how to mind our own business and to turn a blind eye on such trivial matter.

      • Angga says:

        Kinda agree there Ryand, but there are some things that I need to point out:

        What’s to violate if there’s no such rules in the contract from the very beginning?
        What’s to conceal if there’s absolutely nothing worth concealing?
        And I think my opinion doesn’t really need to be classified as turning a blind eye since well, it’s just something what normal teenagers do. They are female teenagers first and foremost :lol:

        They can attend parties, they can stop tweeting for whatever times they want to restore their mood, they can just tweeted “Morning” if they’d like, or they can have boyfriends. I don’t mind at all. They are in the rebellious age after all. Letting them know what best to do ethically as a public figure over and over again is a lot much better “parenting” than publicly releasing their private photos as an act of “Tough Love”.

        • Jimmy says:

          Angga: “Letting them know what best to do ethically as a public figure over and over again is a lot much better “parenting” than publicly releasing their private photos as an act of “Tough Love”.”

          I strongly disagree with the release of their private photos by some fans. It’s an act of coward in my personal opinion. They have gone overboard for sure.

          Angga: “What’s to violate if there’s no such rules in the contract from the very beginning?”

          IF there’s NO such rules in members’ employment contract, there’s no violation done by the related members then. Case closed.
          But what IF there IS.
          Me, you Angga and most other JKT fans have probably never seen the contents of JKT members’ employment contract. But why don’t we just read one AKB member’s testimony regarding the Love Ban Rule in her employment contract.
          Ohya Shizuka, (we know her with her nickname Shiichan), in a talk show has testified:
          “Love Relationship is strictly banned.” “You know what? There is contract paper.” “And it says, (if you violate the rule described in the contract) you will be given a decent penalty.””
          Source: http://www.akb48wrapup.com/2013/02/akimoto-yasushi-says-love-ban-law-is-a-gag/

          Even though in the same source, Aki-P (in a radio interview) has said that Love Ban Rule is only a gag, but I chose to believe in Shiichan more than Aki-P. Why? Shiichan was the one who signed the Idol employment contract and not Aki-P. Plus Aki-P needed to save his face from the public and the mass media pressure after Miichan’s self-shaving video went viral. What about you? Which one do you think is the liar? Aki-P the businessman or Shiichan, who is a mere Idol?

          What Shiichan said more or less confirm what some JKT members have testified in many mass media interview and TV program (Hitam Putih to name a few) about the existence of the love ban rule in JKT48. Anyway, it’s highly unlikely if JKT48 are the only 48G Idol Group NOT implementing the love ban rule system in their members’ employment contract.

          • Angga says:

            If there is such a rule in their contract, then the case is closed as well. Penalty will be given for contract violation and that’s it. It is up to their internal management to decide what to do, right? What’s left for us fans is to grab our popcorn, enjoy, and relax.

  6. silvesterkayr says:

    Seishun wa seishun…nothing can stop the hot young blood..we should enjoy our youth without regret…remember we arent young forever…about Pedrosa? You cool maan..

  7. Vic says:

    Thank you for that certain Dhike’s fan who made the initiative. You got my respect.
    Thank you for Angga too for writing this article.
    This is another article (in Indonesian language though) regarding the story of Dhike and MotoGP, if you want to read:

    Anyway, considering this article is about Dhike, I’d like (Angga, you can delete it if it’s forbidden here) to ask your support in 2015 JKT48 Senbatsu Calendar. Please support Dhike (in Blue Rose costume).


  8. Juliano Rodrigues says:

    I would like to express my opinion: I’m also against Love Ban rule. But if there are fans with these hostile behaviors, the blame can not be them, but someone who imposed this stupid rule.
    Idols should have a normal life, loving relationships with their due.
    By: Juliano (São Paulo-Brasil)