iClub48 – Episode 02 Haruka Segment Translation


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  1. I wouldn’t call it bland. I, for one, enjoy seeing some of the talents. It’s pretty clear that iClub48 is not supposed to market to JKT48 fans. It’s meant to cater to Indonesian viewers who continue to watch competition programs. Why use JKT48? Because the competitors are students, and sometimes it’s necessary that young people get comments from their peers rather than adults.

    I don’t think the format is to blame for the negative reception of this program. JKT48 have to take the program as their own and put their own flavor in the commentary. Without doing so, it doesn’t matter what TV program they are hosts of because they will fail by not being unique enough.

  2. Fujiwara says:

    well i must praise net Tv first cause they broadcast a show and didnt care for tv ratings etc. as for the show it self not worth translating for the talent in the show .. .but the side clips where jkt 48 play is a different story they’re fun to watch . . .like today eps (4th eps) where team K vs team J in answering multiple question in spand of 1 minute and the loser got punished by the winning team or in the 1st eps where the have the pool volleyball competition which is a blessing for its fan services lol. . .so i guess the one worth translating are the one’s that have Jkt48 games footage only IMHO :oops: :oops:

  3. jpaa says:

    well I think the show is fine and I like it, its better so far for the last 4 episode and have special segment for the member. why the show got a lot of comment maybe some of the talent not that good enough waste our time so make it boring just 1 or 2 have the quality, its okay coz they still a high schooler student.
    just believe in NET TV, they full of creative people. ask the twitter they will listen of course.

  4. somedude says:

    I thought i was the only one who thought that this show is pretty damn boring , hahaha .
    Well it’s true that there are some segments worth watching , with the girls in it of course (like that water volley) , and the broadcast is pretty HD , but that’s it .
    Hey , if you wanna make a show about JKT48 , then they have to be the main course of the show , not some random people with random talent , what’s the point of naming it with iClub48 then ? What does that even mean anyway ?
    And the host too , i mean what the hell ? The girls are capable of MC-ing , so i think they can run their own show just fine .
    C’mon NET , you can do better than this .

  5. vlady says:

    am I the only one around here that want a special segment for every member to show their talent?? I guess not.. I mean look at them.. some of the member really can sing.. Acha can do stand up comedy.. Chikachan can cook.. Noella can play guitar.. Andella plays keyboard. . it just need 10 minutes in every eposode. . it must be awsome.. the image that Jkt48 is a bunch of girls who wear a short skirt and do lipsync will be washed away slowly..