VIVA JKT48 Trailer


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  1. gorgom says:

    It’s okay-ish I guess? Just your typical over-the-top Indonesian comedy.
    I won’t let my expectation go to high. I wish they make a semi-documentary, I bet it’s more interesting…but that would make the audience really small (only fans will watch that kinda thing…so yeah)

  2. jpaa says:

    wow i think that is a good trailer, not what i expect back then from the article sypnosys.
    defenetlly ‘must be watch’, that is funny one with the dragon comodo hahaha

  3. sa-nu-si says:

    Hahaha Sisil made the trailer worth to re-watch ya? And finally she find herself … i think. Not the komodo dragon one. :lol:
    But is it ayu dewi who finally took the role of Miss Kejora? What’s wrong with Cut Mini? Is not a problem to me tho’, but somehow makes me wondering. To be Honest, as a fan i expected a drama movie, a sakura kara no tegami-ish maybe. But for a debut movie, and an introduction project, i think this movie would be ok. Gonna watch this with my friends.

  4. Yui'i says:

    This is the type of popular Indonesian Movie now…..”a comedy”.

    I think the movie target are not only JKT48 fans, but all people who like comedy film…
    So…. I predict this movie will run on the mid-rating of popularity & also sale…

    But….The advantage of this movie is the Type….”COMEDY”
    The comedy movie TYPE will not make bored, so it will often be watched by many people…..I’m sure…

  5. Tomo says:

    BTW, what “BKT48” mean, as opponent idol group who occupied theater?
    Black, Killing and Terror 48 ? (lol!).

  6. bosokuIndonesia says:

    baru dapat kabar dari indonesia ternyata ada gb dr neg tetangga nya jepang yg berlebihan nuntut ke penyelenggara. beda dengan musisi yang modal suara (tidak pura-pura bernyanyi) yg notabene tdk nuntut berlebihan. ini hanya pesan buat manajemen jkt48 untuk tidak mencontoh gb itu yang (sama-sama pura-pura bernyanyi) bikin penyelenggara malas mengundang lagi. oia gbnya berinisial

  7. carcass says:

    i too didn’t expect much from this type of half-assed indonesian comedy movies (as i assume after i saw the trailer) , but still , the girls are playing in it and the cinematography is quite good , so maybe i’ll go watch it just to kill time .

    P.S : When it comes to movie about a massive idol group , a survival bloody battle royale is definitely worth watching , mwahahaha

  8. jpaa says:

    i hv already see the ex-member jkt48 sonya pandawarman movie, she is good. even the genre is comedy but the story is deep and really good. i want to see this movie again its so funny. i think this is the best movie from all Kambing Jantan Movie. this movie name is “marmut merah jambu” or ” momotaro colour pink” haha

  9. jpaa says:

    BKT mean i think it is from the name of the antagonis role in this movie. she was name Bintang Kejora (name person) Team.

  10. Fildzahpro says:

    So the real release date is june 5th or 15th?

    “Mereka itu bukan girlband, mereka itu IDOL GROUP!!!”
    Wow, that sounds nostalgic to me.