JKT48 in Ini Talkshow Translation


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  1. Zakky26 says:

    4848 is an old travel service from bandung even before Cipaganti travel exist…

    And Getek means like i don’t know the word but like “it tickles” or “geli”…something like that…

    • Angga says:

      Thanks Zakky! I decided with “disgusting” as the translation. Will change the translation once I’m done with the 2nd part!

  2. Deni says:

    That’s why i love Haruka. :-D
    Rofl when i watch it.
    Shania didn’t Speak too much :(

  3. octop says:

    Sasui – Sas widjanarko from 90’s

    • sa-nu-si says:

      salam 90’s ahahahay.. he was a reguler at TVRI back then, don’t you think? or is it TVRI sta. bandung?

  4. Peacecraft says:

    LOL LOL LOL can’t stop laughing :lol:

  5. buddy says:

    Haruka really funny in that show. :-D her comedian skill improve much.

  6. MaZRoY48 says:

    I think Getek means small boat.. cmiw

  7. Miko says:

    Thank you very much for the English translation! Haruka is really fitting in there ya? :lol: :lol:

  8. gorgom says:

    That “we’re still in the middle of shooting” was epic :lol:

  9. Yui'i says:

    Translate part-3 also ….please,…. thats parts still include JKT48:…… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuSttfgSdNQ

    Haruka is means in comedy… She always fit in all comedy project because her personality also funny…. :twisted: :mrgreen: :lol:
    In Talkshow…. Sule also invite Haruka to make new program…
    even maybe it’s just “joke”……But it will be good for Haruka if it will happen next time…

  10. byutea says:

    getek dalam bahasa sunda berarti “geli”, tapi geli disini sepertinya lebih megarah kepada “jijik”

  11. benimaru says:

    we can clearly see the level difference between JKT and AKB..

    as one of the original AKB, Haruka know full well how to steer the audience 8) her experience regarding talkshow or reality show are the top amongst other JKT girls..

    when she first came here, the language barrier seems still a problem for her, but now she seems already overcome it..

    took me hat off for her :salute::salute::beer toss:

    • Yui'i says:

      I think that point is not so true…why?…
      because we know Haruka when in AKB48 is one member which coukld we says like “naughty girl”….
      She always noisy, loud &…….. for AKB member her manner was annoyance…

      But her behavior/habit was so familiar for indonesian entertaiment…
      So she easily accepted by indonesian viewers….

      When live in Indonesia She also be more mature on habit & daily life…..
      Its means she have change to be more good person than before when she still akb48 member ….

      EVEN the “fact’ she dont know how to be funny, but her personality (face, smile, voice, gendut ), have feature to seen be “FUNNY Girl”
      It’s point was her eminence to seen plus by fans…

  12. Jvalz says:

    Haruka is trully the main attraction of this talkshow. She “behave” so good and her comedy sense served her right. She has a bright future in Indonesia entertainment industry., :D

  13. sa-nu-si says:

    “Haruka steals the show” was the hot issue at my office that night. All my office mate, who still in the office at that late at last, at last, they know what i had been talking about.

    I’m agree with benimaru san. It needs experience to handle these kind of situation.

    and my boss called me the day after and said “so, that haruka of yours.. she’s funny btw”- What the … how did he find out about my wota-ness and haruka? and my haruka. please.. i don’t even dare to dream. :cry:

    note: 4848 is a travel agent, i’ve been using that travel to commuting indramayu-bandung back then when i was still a college boy. many many years ago :-P

  14. hasan says:

    4848 : travel agent
    getek : boat made ​​of wood

  15. bum says:

    getek.. geli, jijik seperti iler
    tranlate ini…haha

  16. Jonathan says:

    Well,actually this is the real Haruka personality,this kinda unique behaviour that she got.She really in fit at that’s programe.Haruka your’e Hontouni Kawaii …. >.< !!!

  17. hasan says:

    kepepet = terdesak

  18. myth_wota says:

    jamil said JOKO tarub not jaka, so sule said JOKO besi he refer to TOKO besi ( ironmongery)