Haruka, Rena, and Akicha’s Sousenkyo Appeal Speech


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  1. YUNO translate Chikarina’s one too? :D

    • Angga says:

      We would love to! But the thing is, she decided not to join the Sousenkyo this time around. So yeah, no vid of her appeal.

  2. Leongekicau says:

    Hmm if you take local language that isn’t major (Jawa, Sunda, Banjar) then I think many JKT48 member should be there hehe. But Rena certainly is the one I know that could speak 3 major language that isn’t local only. Eitherway I’m torn with Rena and Haruka…. :-|

  3. Tomo says:

    Uhh. So moved.
    Finally 48 became an international one.
    Yes, sure AKB visited and performed in Paris, NYC, LA and Moscow etc.
    However they always felt several language large-walls, I guess.
    Gon and Rena jumped on the walls and moved to another new side.
    Good job.
    Proud of them both.

    • benimaru says:

      me personally think every fellow J-fans should be proud of Haruka :)

      even J-minister of education proud of her 8)

  4. benimaru says:

    it is very surprising to know that Haruka speech viewer is one of the highest 8-O 8-O

    • wmlx says:

      Someone put together something that scrapes the viewcount and ranks them: http://idol.dokusyu.net/ranking/akbapeal6_1

      Harugon is currently trending at no 4. Nozawa Rena is currently at 96.

      • Yui'i says:

        will Haruka get good positions like current youtube viewer rank…..
        thats info make me curious…..
        Semangat Haruka, kamu bisa…. :))

      • Yui'i says:

        will Haruka get good positions like current youtube rank viewer…..
        thats info make me curious…..
        Semangat Haruka, kamu bisa…. :))

        • benimaru says:

          seems she won’t..

          unless they also sell AKB’s CD here and everyhwere here (music stores, mini market, JKT theater)..

          more over, each JKT fans seems also have their own AKB oshi member..

          • JKT48StuffLover says:

            You’re talking as if the method to vote is only by puchasing their CDs (Labrador Retriever serial numbers). There are other methods to vote (which I believe do not necessarily make it less difficult for Indonesian fans to vote for Haruka/Rena/Akicha or their other JPN48 Oshis), such as: AKB48 Fanclub member, AKB48 OFFICIAL NET membership, AKB48 Official Smartphone App Member, AKB48 LIVE!! ON DEMAND member, SKE48 LIVE!! ON DEMAND member, NMB48 LIVE!! ON DEMAND member, HKT48 LIVE!! ON DEMAND member, AKB48 Mobile member, SKE48 Mobile member, NMB48 Mobile member, HKT48 Mobile member.

  5. yhyksk says:

    ganbatte Harugon.

  6. yamidans says:

    Hey,i want to vote for Haruka, so how i’m supposed to do?
    Not any project for her??