Stella’s Announcement Field Report


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  1. Enrico A. says:

    Truly I regretted not having the ability to attend the show. I’d like to see the full resolve of Stella Cornelia Winarto a nineteen years old girl who is proud and brave. We shall miss her smile as a JKT48 member.

    I pray for her future endeavors…

  2. QuezFlow says:

    I can’t help but crying right now.

  3. Kurisu says:

    my best way of describing reading that, is like a shot of alcohol directly into the heart. kind of a hot, burning sensation in the chest and a general numbing effect after.

    i think i needed to read that – and i wish there was a fancam / official video, something – not that those words didn’t paint an image, which they do.
    thank you Tatermog & Angga

  4. yahya says:

    so sad.
    keep smile and fighting cici Stella. poor Harugon.

  5. zakkie says:


  6. tomomo says:

    i think that t”this is the crossroad for Stella”……
    That’s her decision so as her fans, we keep support her decision
    Good luck, gal!

  7. LuphKira says:

    * the sun was in the sky was finally sunk as well. but sure rise again tomorrow. so, we will see u again & again rise. keep fighting stella!!

    yesterday I got a really bad feeling about the 3rd & so I did not watch the theater show 1 & 2. Actually I’ve verif that 2 show. :cry: :cry:

  8. harunatu aki says:

    でもこれが48group 本来の在り方だと思います、
    Harukaが気になるけど、きっと大丈夫だと思います :-P
    今まで通りStellaとの交流は続くと思うし、ワワもいるしね、よろしくね :wink:

  9. Tokyo Pop says:



  10. bosokuIndo says:

    kenapa y stiap member jkt48 keluar, penggemarnya merasa tidak yakin dengan karir masa depannya?aku penggemar dari salah satu member jkt48 malah berharap sekali jika idolaku keluar karena bakatnya bukan karena nama jkt48 tapi karena nama bakat yang dimiliki oleh idolaku.

    • misterjohn says:

      Entertainment world is harsh, like a wild jungle. It is still to soon for her to graduate. In my opinion, she is overestimating herself if she think can make it big at acting.
      Just beacause she got rena part in BSG doesn’t automatically make her a proven actress. the casting is just among jkt48 members which means she competed with another amateur girl. her acting isn’t that good if i’m not saying mediocre.
      Honestly if I’m not a jkt48 fan i can’t stand watching rena iskandar. I prefer watching sisil the female reporter. Taller.more attractive, and better acting. she is my favorite female character :lol:
      If we look at stella physical figure: short(below standard for most of major production house),chubby(a bit overweight), and her face is too generic oriental(not general public’s taste which more into half western,arabic,or native indonesian face). In other word she isn’t a lead female part material.
      It is sad to see a member leaving the group. But it is more sad to see her strugling and still become unsignificant in entertainment world. Just another C-list celebrity.
      It is better to focus on her study or maybe singing(but need a hit song)

      • bosokuIndo says:

        mungkin inti kalimatmu /masalah :
        1. sampai skrg konsep 48 blm tbukti khasiatny (obat kali hehehe) bhkn dr neg asalpun blm ada buktiny.
        2. penggemar hanya suka konsep 48 n member yg ada skrg msh blm mumpuni
        3. member 48 hrs slalu bsaing di dalam dunia delusi 48 dgn pendapatan yg di terima jauh lbh mengecil drpd dunia nyata hiburan supaya tetap eksis
        mungkin pemecahan masalh :
        1. latihan dan ptunjukan theater di perbaiki dgn tdk hanya nari dan nyanyi aja tp juga lainny spt drama, action, nulis naskah dll
        2. jot hrs lbh selektif mcari bakat. tp saya tidak akan yakin jk bakat nyanyi spt fatin, bakat acting spt BCL akan ikut serta dlm konsep 48. akhirny jot hanya akn mendptkn bakat2 kualitas second
        3. member hrs brani keluar dr 48 karena konsep 48 itu delusi bagi penggemar dan member d dalamnya.
        mungkin kesimpuln :
        dukung member yg bbakat dan sarankan k member supaya scepatny keluar dr 48

        • Johny says:

          Reply in english dude, this isn’t your local forum, many readers here are from overseas, not only in Indonesia. Not to mention it’s a bit hard to read your comment because you are stemming many vocal letters in your words.

          Although you made some point there, I disagree with you, a member graduates when she had a basis to graduate, for example: Shinoda Mariko graduates because she already has a fashion line, not to mention now she becomes a brand ambassador for some products. From what I see from your comment, I assume you don’t know the sister groups’ theater performance. The theater performance is always like that, singing, dancing and MCing.

          I don’t really get what you mean about this delusion, that delusion…the 48 group is like a school for showbiz world, you learn how to dance, sing and public speaking there, not just a mere ‘delusion’

          • NSANDERS says:

            cut him some slack dude..
            clearly he’s not that familiar with 48world or some basic english..
            i’m indonesian but i still didnt get what his babblin’ about delution crap..

          • bosokoIndo says:

            first, talk about my language. so this forum is a international forum because it is using english and japanese language?what are you trying to say? that those language is better quality than my national languange?do you think that my national language is as same as animal language?ok..your mother is a hocker, your father is a gigolo who has intercourse with a multitude of different partners and you are a pig.

            second, talk about alumni. how much percentage of 48 alumni participate in entertaining back to the showbiz world? 100?50?or only 1?

            third, talk about delusion, source :

          • Angga says:

            Whoa whoa hold your horses there. No need for any kind of profanity.

            You are free to post with any language you want as a freedom in speech AND anyone is free to criticize your language as a freedom in feedback rules.

            But I won’t tolerate any profanity in our website in ANY kind of language known to man (Including Klingon). So please, take a good note of that and cool your head off Mister.

            [Oh and anyway, there’s a fine line between Hocker and Hooker, those two words are totally different in usage. Hope this help for your future tenure of profanity rage :) ]

        • KageTora says:

          There are no problem with the language, the problem is you. You are lacking of knowledge in a more universal language : respect. J-fans whose knowledge in English are lacking will never lack of friends who are willing to cover their shortcoming, because they know that more universal language. Some people posted in Bahasa Indonesia here, after admitting their shortcoming in English as the reason. And they still earn respect. While you, despite knowing English, choose not to use it because you are lacking in that more universal language. You should be more thankful to those who degrade themselves to respond you.

          Perhaps you should consider writing an article to make your point. If you can convince the moderator on your shortcoming in English and your article is of good quality, I think Bahasa Indonesia is fine. If other contributors consider your article is of high quality and will worth their scarce free time for the benefit of the broader audience they might translate it. If it is ended up translated into Japanese, you might have something to be proud of among other fans. It will be easier to boast of your work if you are not always hide behind anonymity.

      • NSANDERS says:

        it’s sad..
        but i think i totally agree with misterjohn
        well but who knows.. let’s just wait n see..

      • benimaru says:

        seems you right bre..

        in terms of acting (not to disrespect), she is below standard..

        in terms of physical figure (not to disrespect again), me prefer the lady biker (forgot the chara name) who had a crush with Chris :oops: ..

        maybe she only want to become normal college girl, and do what normal college girl should do; hang out, dating, and on, and on…

        well, can’t do anything than wish her great fortune :wink:

  11. jean says:

    it’s real,
    when i read the article this morning i’m crying like a river huwaaaaa :'(

  12. jean says:

    btw you know stella want to graduate in a long long time ago, but ghaida announcement first, in fact is ghaida try to fake her garduate so stella not graduate at that time! you believe it???

    • Buddy says:

      I don’t know… :-? but Ghaida say in pers conference that she like kamen rider and she very happy because one of JKT48 member (Stella) play as one of the cast in kamen rider Indonesia (Bima Satria Garuda) and in this field report Ghaida give kiss to Stella. so what does that mean? maybe they have special relationship that we don’t know. :oops: i’m just joking, so don’t think too much guys. :mrgreen: . Goodluck to Stella. I will miss you :wink:

  13. Tomo says:

    Earth Day (JogJa?)コンサートでの「大声ダイアモンド」唄い出しの前になぜかメロディと眼を合わせてにこやかに笑っていたステラの姿を忘れられません。アキチャが入る前はステラの「大声」だと固く信じ、本当に心から「大声」でステラにKusuka Drimu Kusukaと叫び続けていたのです。声量も声質も高いもの持ちあわせ、かつ最近ではBIMAで怪演まで披露するなんて。直近のBIMAのエピソードではかなり心理的な演技を求められていたと察します。演技の道へ行くのか、それとも大歌手を目指すのか。いえいえ。両方やってしまったホィットニー・ヒューストンもいました。これからのインドネシアン・エンターティメント界のBintang(星)になってください。いつまでも心から応援しています。

  14. kameshisha says:

    ohmygod, this is just like reading a fanfiction. I mean was Nabilah really that hysterical? I can’t help picturing how chaotic the stage at that time. I wish I was there.. T_T
    I can’t imagine how heartbroken Haruka was.. Sure, they’re still friends, but it won’t be the same after Stella leave..

    • Buddy says:

      It’s same like when JOT announced the 2nd generation auditions on TV, Nabilah sudenly crying and say that she don’t want team J member to be separate. I think many young member cosidered Stella, Melody and Kinal as their older sister, so that’s why Nabilah became hysterical because Stella will graduated from JKT48. :cry:

  15. jean says:

    i think i know, even outside she so mature but she still a child among the members.

  16. advertising says:

    the raid 2 trailer is already out. our star (both country) are playing the role of the movie. you can goolgeling to watch the trailer of that movie.

  17. yamidans says:

    This is make me cry :'(
    Now,i’m worried about Haruka

    • ken says:

      We don’t have to worry about Haruka. Seeing her now happily in JKT48 alongside Stella and others make her become more strong person. She becomes more matured and can face any difficulty unlike herself before in early days in AKB48.I can’t think of anything and smile when I see her in the MV (minute 2:40) when she cries compared to now that she always smile sincerely.

  18. gorgom says:

    As much as I love her, IMHO she’s not ready to face entertainment industry by herself. I mean, without JKT48 name, she’s just a regular newcomer. And at least for me, her performance in BSG is still bellow average. She still has a long way to go.
    I don’t have any particular oshi, I love em all, and I do really hope they can get the best.
    OTOH, I relieved that Stella graduated with such grace, without any drama whatsoever.
    Anyway, best wishes for Stella! :wink:

  19. Eunike Lovely says:

    Let’s just think positive…
    I don’t want to make negative speculations…
    Maybe she has a personal problem she has to face and she can’t solve it if she stays in JKT (who knows?)

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