Stella Cornelia Announced Her Graduation


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  1. Enrico A. says:

    Stella is one of the members I respect the most in JKT48. Her (for me, too early of a) graduation is a major coup in my mind, and shall be a reminder for many fans out there to be prepared should their oshimen graduates… I, for one, is still not prepared.

  2. Annie Tjia says:

    I’m shocked beyond words, though Stella is not my oshi, I think it’ll be hard to find someone like Stella in JKT48. I mean, of course we can mention members with good quality and skill, but Stella has class. Her charisma is what makes her different and easily spotted. I hope after she grad, her carrier will go smooth and shine. Thanks Stella, and good luck for your future carrier!!

  3. Dewabrata says:

    The first time, I fall in love with JKT 48 is because of this girl, Stella Cornelia. I watched her performance on Youtube, when she sang heavy rotation. Her expression, voice, mimic, everything seems very complete in a package. It may sounds overreacted, but if you ever heard a saying which said: “an angel has fallen to the earth.” you will feel it at the moment when you see that YouTube video. At least, I felt it.

    Stella Cornelia has been my oshimen by then. Now, she announced she will be graduated from JKT48, everyone who support Stella must be shocked with the announcement. Can’do nothing. Just do expect, Stella will have brighter path and still exist in different way in her future career.

    All I can say, Thank you Ms. Stella Cornelia for introducing me JKT48! Keep smiling and believe someday it will conquer the world as your catchphrase sounds. :wink:

  4. Johny says:

    Just my honest opinion as stella-oshi:
    I am disappointed in her. Somewhat I feel betrayed, because after she got her major role in Bima, she seldom performs on theater and prioritizing her shooting over the theater. In my perspective, she only think JKT48 as a stepping stone to the entertainment business, without considering the fans’ feelings.
    Well, what else we can do other than to pray for her best in the future? Happy graduation Stella! :cry:

    • RedRanger48 says:

      I disagree. JKT48 IS intended to be a stepping stone for the members to gain jobs and activities outside of JKT48, just like it’s sister group. JKT48 was not intended to be the final goal but as a mere “checkpoint”. Whether Stella considered her fans feelings or not, is still debatable though. But I think , she considered her fans feeling. That’s why she announced it in a theater stage, not just by a random tweet. She wants her fans to see her said it all by herself, so that they can see how hard it is to left JKT48 and her fans. Well. just my rambling though, I hope you don’t mind.

      Stella , semangat ! I’m not your fans but I really admire you as the pillar in JKT48.

    • kyon says:

      …she only think JKT48 as a stepping stone…

      that’s what JKT48 is actually intended to be, JKT48 is INDEED a stepping stone…

    • ken says:

      I disagree with Johny. JKT48 is indeed a starting place for them to achieve their dream. Stella is only at the crossroad right now and must choose the path that leads to her desired destination. She choose to make another step in her life and that means something. :) We as her fans should respect that decision and pray for her success in the future. In my opinion, she’s going to graduate from JKT48 is because maybe some major record or company want to sign her as singer or actress and wanted her to focus on her career. Like some AKB48 members (I don’t remember who) that wanted to become a seiyu and graduated from AKB48. I’m not dissapointed with her but feel a little sad because I can’t see her with all other members performing in the bigger stage in Indonesia like Gelora Bung Karno. Nevertheless, I’m happy for her and thank you for being in JKT48 for the past 2 years and liven up my life.

  5. Tokyo Pop says:

    It’s always important to know when to quit. Stella knew that well and made a good decision.Still I sincerely regret her leaving.
    Good luck,Stella!

  6. Congratulation to Stella for the graduation..

    I hope she will succeed in entertainment business in Indonesia..
    I think Stella already has what it takes to be an entertainer, good-looking + beautiful voice + good communicating skills, so I just hope that she will join a good management after graduate from JKT.

    It will be interesting to see whether Sonia can take her sister place as one of the front-girl of JKT..

  7. hyvan says:

    man this shocked me a lot! good luck ci stella!

  8. jj says:

    stella is one member i never thought would resign (as per what JKT48 operation team mentioned on the website). Not this early anyway. I remember her saying that she’d like to stay in JKT48 until she’s “chased out” of the group.
    stella is one member who has that star quality that some members have yet to posses.
    …which maybe brings her to the reason why she’s had enough of experience in JKT? maybe she wants to taste more? either way, i believe stella would make it big outside JKT somehow!

    Ci Stella, good luck!

  9. Eunike Lovely says:

    It’s really shocking and it’s the first time I cried after a member of JKT48 announced she will graduate from JKT48 soon.
    28th December almost come and it makes me really sad!
    Stella really gains my respect! She has the most solid fanbase in JKT48.

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