JKT48 Geulis Bandung Concert Review


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6 Responses

  1. NSANDERS says:

    okay, so basically great performances with crappy event organizer

  2. PN03 says:

    Eh seriously, fanbase oficially sold the ticket?
    I am sorry but somehow i feel i would laugh although it’s not supposed to be funny at all

  3. Tokyo Pop says:

    第一部のタイトルの訳「くそったれな運営」はちょっと筆がすべりましたね :wink:


  4. abaone94 says:

    Leaving the ticket sales to an artist fanbase is just too… ^^;

    I don’t know why they didn’t do the selling themselves. Were they afraid that the tickets didn’t sell well, or they’re really out of manpower to handle the concert?

    Either way, I guess JOT should have a say here. Relying too much on EO’s are not good sometimes; the artist management should also assist in taking care of things on the field.

    Now I wonder… did any JOT guys were there to help?

  5. Annie Tjia says:

    A week before the concert was held, I got tweet from a fanbase that informed about ticket selling, so I kinda had imagined what happened in concert regarding to this event. Though, the EO really miscalculated all systems and made a lot of mistakes during the concert. I could see how annoyed and dissapointed the fans were to face something like that.

    Aside of that, I think the responses from fans about this concert were positive. They reviewed it with good words, like “it’s a blast”, “cool”, “exciting”. Maybe those were to cover all negative things happened during the concert?

  6. sacfificar says:

    There’s a mistake in final song. Before we got a photo session, the girls performing Oogoe Diamond. And when photo session held, there’s a chaos. Cause so many fans has a bad behavior. They leave their chair and go to the front and some of them was stand in a chair near them. :(