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  1. HERMAN says:

    Man! I thought we all think that those world class haters should give some respects for JKT48. Why’d they do that? (Did AKB48 ever mock JKT48? Hell no! They always say to support them!)

  2. benimaru says:

    the bald dude says; “the reason haters talk on our back, is because they can never walk in fornt of us..” whenever there is a fans, there always a haters..

    so, who cares with haters :wink:

    honestly, me not a fans of AKB :)

    JKT, like one of the dude say up there, is really different..

    they still can maintain the kawaii, cute or whatever the terms is, but still holding to the culture of our country.. and yes, me agree very well about the diversity, it wont be found anywhere else.

    the reason me and me wife paying attention to JKT girls are simple; their struggle and effort is interesting to watch

    if you were a barista, or maybe a dangdut party singer, joining a team such as JKT can probably “a key to a better future”, unless those haters have such rough life as they do; what do they know about dream? what rights do they have to talk about dreams? :wink: :wink:

    and for the racist f*#k who says black thigh and proudly announce that AKB is thee bible; Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna and Alicia Keys is BLACK, SEXY, and WON GRAMMY!! if you racist f*#k says they are ugly, YOU’RE A F*#KIN GAY!!

  3. mm says:

    MM from Malaysia.

    I’m probably late in doing this, but JKT48 is slowly grabbing my attention. I first took notice of the group when I saw Melody in New Ship PV then I decided to check out the group. JKT48 School really help me in recognizing the members. Being from Malaysia, language was not a problem for me, there’s just a little difference but I understood what they were saying 85% of the time.

    Haruka & Akicha’s transfer is really brilliant especially Haruka who has amazed me with her fluency in Indonesian language. Also, seeing them interact with other members like Stella, Nabilah etc makes me happy. I’ve applied for my OFC card and hopefully will be going to Jakarta in September to watch them live.

    Hopefully, in the future, there will be a more proper place for me to buy their album (online with Paypal payment option perhaps?). I tried buying their Official book online and some people are trying to sell it for $50-$80, it’s ridiculous. I finally got their Official book when my sister went to Jakarta for business. Maybe in March when they sell the album in retail stores, they would be selling it to international fans as well.

    In short, the girls are awesome, they are improving everyday, and with the new ticketing system JOT is improving as well. It’s only the first year and I know they will be better and maybe in 5-6 years they will be big in Indonesia, hopefully as big as AKB in Japan. :mrgreen:

  4. hm says:

    As an international fan and someone that’s like AKB48 for many many years i’m really embarrassed by the greasy weeaboo that said they hate JKT for being from Indonesia. They think their country is so much better but they really aren’t proving anything with their ignorance.
    Their AKB oshi would want to spit on them for saying such disgusting things and I hope it happens someday xoxo

  5. NN says:

    lol I dunno what should I say.. but you know JKT48 give me something really different feeling, these girls are human, I mean they re really human, they say what they want, not do such an overdone cutesy crap, even they can act not pretty …. they are “our girl nex door”, not only just some holly -Goddesses -kawaii that everybody likes :-P

  6. PejantanTanggung says:

    I agree with this statement :

    ‘Local fans should also accept that not every single AKB48 fans in this world love JKT48, so don’t get over confidence and stated that JKT48 is very well known overseas (Yes, I’ve read it more than a dozen time)’

    sometime local fans iritate me. some of my friends even said “I don’t hate JKT48, I just hate some of their fans”
    (my friends are johnny’s fan and mature woman, they know about AKB because SMAP x SMAP and love AKB song
    they even go to AKB x JKT concert at Jakarta, but they refuse to go JKT Theatre)

    about haters,
    ooo i love haters hahaha
    because sometimes they know about the girls more than me (fans) :p
    for me it’s okay to being a haters :)

  7. totoro says:

    tokyo popさん。コメありがとう。翻訳は出来ないけど何か私もお手伝いしたいなと今日一日考えていました。
    10万円(1000万Rp)くらいなら無くなっていいお金は用意出来ますので、もしtokyo popさんかAnggaさんに少しお金に余裕のあって私の拙い(程度の低い)
    ただ滑り出しにはAnggaさんやtokyo popさんに少なからず手助けを求めざるを得ないと思うのでご迷惑なら止めておきます。

  8. sunred says:

    ah, I didn’t know such thread existed.
    well, here we go.

    Sunred, Australian, –long time AKB fan, applied for JKT theatre tickets countless times–.
    JKT48 tickles something inherently dormant within me, the quest for purpose.
    Coming as an underdog amongst other sister groups, they have proven that motivation and hard work can overcome any obstacles.
    They are definitely not anywhere near the finish line, but has also gone very far from the starting position.

    I speak rudimentary Bahasa Indonesia and can relate very well to JKT’s originating culture set.
    I have spent many years working in various south east asian countries, and I have to say that Indonesia is one of the most memorable ones.
    The acculturation process is very unique, put it that way.
    That being said, JKT represents the unique demography of Indonesia, and certainly the variety they bring has endless potential.

    These girls shine, and on many occasions, made me genuinely smile.
    For me, JKT is also a symbol of effort, young girls seeking their purpose amidst the gigantic peer pressure.
    Think the size of the shoes that they have to fill in, it’s AKB’s universe after all.

    One smile is what I need to appreciate this group of beautiful girls.
    Of course I love Haruka, but Melody, Shania, Jessica(s), Rezky, and the others are blooming so fast they’re blinding!

    Selamat Berjuan JKT48!

    I pity the person who uses “black dirty thigh” as a benchmark, I really do.
    You deserve nothing but pity.

  9. Tokyo Pop says:


  10. totoro says:

    tokyo popさん 早い返信ありがとうございます。

    Totoro-san, Eigo dekiru?

  11. Tokyo Pop says:


  12. totoro says:


    tokyo popさんとAnggaさんがどれほど近しい関係なのは知らないんですが、もしここのコメント数週間程見てないようでしたら

    • Angga says:

      Ano, Shinjitsu wa Totoro-san mo Tokyo Pop-san kaiwa ga 50% wakaru demo..JKT48Stuff wa, commercial no tamede arimasen. Hontou ni sumimasendeshita Totoro-san :)

  13. Jeh says:

    Hi, i’m Jeh from Brazil, i’m 20y old, i rly love JKT48, i started as a fan of AKB48 but when JKT48 came out i felt it was my new favourite group, and now it’s!
    And dont worry about those stupid comments about “hate”, its called “envy” they’re jealous because now JKT48 is getting big and better! JKT48 desserve the best! They’re hardworker! I rly love JKT48 and AKB48, but from now on, i love JKT48 the most ><
    even my oshimen is from AKB48, she's Chikano Rina (My jkt48 oshimen is Olivia). btw srry about bad english. KEEP SUPPORTING JKT!!!

  14. Almira says:

    Hi, I’m Almira, an Indonesian fan currently living in amsterdam.
    I’m that kind of fan who actually like JKT first and eventually came to love AKB as well. I have heard about AKB a long time ago and immediately assumed that its a sleazy girl band without making much thought. I’ve came into that conclusion after I accidentally watched ponytail to shushu PV. But after countless episodes of AKB’s variety shows and performances, I realized that AKB is more than that.

    I’m really tired of seeing celebrities with their long skinny legs and is perfect in everything. I found JKT as a breath of fresh air, a public figure that looks and act like your classmates or friends. Their direct interaction with fans are also brilliant, it gives you a sense of family as a fan. I also love how they can shine, how they get prettier each day and it really cheers me up. And because of g+ blogs, twitter and frequent theater performances FRs, their personalities are very apparent and it felt like I’ve known them personally. Not to mention that there is no dull day as a fan of JKT, because there is always something new that happens everyday!

    Several visits to JKT’s theater would be my top priority once I’m back to Indonesia.

    *For that anon dissinng about indonesian’s thigh, lots of europeans that i know of thought Indonesian’s skin shade are extremely attractive :wink:

  15. Rifqi says:

    I don’t know if any Indonesian fan opinion in this international opinions gathering is of any great relevance, but I can’t hold myself pouring all my thoughts, so, here goes:

    As a person who have never been a fan of something, it is surprising how JKT48 caught my attention. This is my first fandom in life (sad to know it myself, really), and I don’t understand why I liked them at the first place. Before, I don’t usually buy in to any musicians because I’m just not interested in them. Even if there are some that bought me in, it is limited to only loving their songs, not as far as becoming their fanatic. But then, JKT48 appeared.

    Although I knew AKB48 long before JKT48, I don’t start as an AKB fan. Honestly speaking, AKB didn’t put much interest in me at that time. I consider it as the same with other girl group that comes with the Hallyu wave. The same thing goes with JKT when seeing them at the first note, as I blatantly stated that they’re simply another girl group. However, everything changed when I see the the official video about their first debut performance. They were literally shining brightly. From there on, I started to follow them, and later loved their every performance.

    As my knowledge on JKT48 grew, I started to look more into AKB48. Majisuka Gakuen series, AKBingo!, and Shuukan AKB are the shows that are responsible for my current liking towards AKB48, despite the irony that I didn’t give a damn about them before. Also, SKE now caught my attention because of Jurina, and while all of it seems to be caused by JKT, I honestly loved AKB & SKE because of their own ways.

    To put it simple, JKT48 really are unusual comparing to other artists and musicians. They are the ones bringing me into the 48 fandom, and I definitely won’t let this thing went away. Seeing them grew from day to day is also an amazing experience, which is why I’m curious about how they are turning out in the future.

  16. RedRanger48 says:

    People are free to have different thoughts about JKT48. Whether it’s love poets or hate speech. We can’t forced our way of thinking to other. And I should declare it, JKT48 is still not really famous to others. They could be your main reason to live your life, but some doesn’t think that way. Instead of defensively gives reasons to the minds who doesn’t understand JKT48, let’s just prove ourselves to better fans , supporting our idols to be better. When the times comes, we’ll reap what we sow : the happiness of supporting them through the rough times. And we should never consider us (JKT48 Fans) better than those who hate us. Sometimes, the truth was hidden beneath the words of hate. Instead of defending that with words that might not been able to pass through the haters’ heart, let us think “Do they speak the truth?” and “What can I do as a fellow fans to improve JKT48”. Our idols are still not perfect, they’re still need to improve, but that’s what we love :the progress from nothing to something. Sometimes , because we’re too much deep in love with our idols, we can’t think objectively.

    Just my dua ribu perak.

  17. Lim says:

    Hi I’m Lim. Not an overseas fan of JKT48, I’m an Indonesian but reading those comments above made me want to write some of my thought too hehe.

    First of all I’d say thanks to all those overseas fans who support JKT48. I know I’m just an ordinary fan but knowing that they support our “local product” somehow makes me happy^^ Terima kasih!

    Second, my thought of JKT48 is; They are special. I knew them since their debut and been watching their theater a lot. They are not Kawaii in Japanese way but they have their own charms which actually determine them from AKB/SNH. Are Kawaii, having cute voice and white skin the conditions for being an idol group’s member? I believe that Idol Group contain not the girls with those criteria I mentioned just now but maybe since this is 48, that’s why people tend to expect cute girls.

    But then, let’s see JKT48 as a breakthru in Indonesian music industry. If we do see them that way, we can see 2 possibility; BIG success or EPIC failure. But seeing JKT48 for over this one year, I can say that they have BIG chance to be succeed in Indonesia, moreover as an Idol Group which is something fresh in Indonesian music industry (if only JOT and the members keep improving).

    Despite their fans who somehow irritate the common people, the members themselves are talented so I see a bright future for JKT48. I know some people who even didn’t know anything about 48 being one of JKT’s big fans right now. So, we can’t say Indonesian people can’t never used to 48 concept :mrgreen:

    P.S: Thanks JKT, you made me youtube-ing AKB who I only knew as girls-in-bikinis-who-sing and made me a big fan of them until now^^

  18. Chako says:

    Hi, I’m from Indonesia, female, call me Chako. Reading all those opinions about JKT48 makes me want to state mine as well. I’m not a fan of JKT48 and neither AKB48 nor other 48 groups but I can say that apparently I’m curious about JKT48 and especially the concept Yasushi Akimoto brings which is all-new to entertainment industry in Indonesia. However, the idol group concept that exists in Japanese culture (or Japan entertainment industry?) is not new to me since I’m a fan of a few JE groups. Being in a fandom and feeling the experience of supporting my favorite idols can really brighten up my day^^.

    At first, I was skeptical about the idea of setting up a sister group in Indonesia, but really, in fact I know nothing about the 48 groups and their fans in Indonesia or even abroad (not including Japan). But the idea of choosing Indonesia over the other countries somehow made me proud as an Indonesian. These last three days, I made myself watching videos in youtube about JKT48 (and a few AKB), from TV appearance to PV and concert performance. I also found myself lurking several JKT48 forums and drowned a little bit in those positive thoughts of fans about the future of the group. As a non-fan, I honestly feel that I’m so moved with all the support from both local and international fans. I hope the positive energy that you guys send to the idols can give them strength to continue to work hard and move forward. Now I kinda follow the group progress with a hope that someday JKT48 and the fans dream of wanting to become a national No.1 idol in Indonesia or even in ASEAN will come true.

    Furthermore, I’m happy that now JKT48 has a lot more fans since their debut. I know it sounds weird since I’m not their fan. Please don’t be mad at me >.< and please allow me to support them in my own way :) . Also, I hope that whatever happen in the future, the management would consistently giving out new ideas without tired to improve the group and also to keep their existence looong enough in the industry. Therefore, IMHO, it might be good to see JKT48 popularity increase steadily from year to year, no need to be in a rush. Good luck and all the best for JKT48 :)

    Sorry for bad grammar^^

  19. Gensoukyou1337 says:


    I’m an Indonesian currently studying in Korea, and am more like an observer than a fan.

    At first, when I heard that AKB48 is making a sister group in Jakarta, I couldn’t believe it. When it became official, I smiled a bit inside, thinking it was a sign of something big.
    I didn’t follow their development, but I was a bit worried that JKT48 might fail. I didn’t think about it until today, when I checked out news about JKT48. Let’s just say that today’s trends regarding JKT48 removed my doubts. Now I know they’re going to succeed.
    Also, looks like Japan and Indonesia are consolidating their relationship with JKT48, that Tokusatsu project, and several other examples I may not know about.

  20. Gensoukyou1337 says:

    Oh, by the way, I also agree with JKT48 having significant Indonesian flavors being necessary.

  21. arcani says:

    hi…i’m arcani..indonesian, 36 yr old and currently living in overseas..

    read all those comments above, makes me also want to share my thought
    jkt48 is not my favourable a singer group worth my attention. But when my daughter caught them in tv commercial back in my state and urge me to take her to jkt48 to watch them in live performance, i suddenly realized that these all young girls got a spirit worth our support…still lookin’ gorgeous, live up and innocent with their pure heart and looks so human without no makes up…and suddenly i felt it that i had a crush on them…looking to my daughters eyes, following their dances, smiles and laughes..i cannot help but i must keep supporting jkt48 in any way i can. In fact,, i believe jkt48 far more greater :roll: than her older sisters in akb48…jkt48 is not polluted (at least no yet) by the way of life like their sisters…

    and truly i kinda worry bout the arrival of their new bud’s from japan, harugon and akichan, afraid that they can’t keep up with their fellows in jkt48 and worst, giving a bad virus in dressing room atmosphere… :roll:

  22. evan_danner says:

    i am jkt48 fan from Indonesia. . i don’t mind with what haters said. . i totally respect their opinion.. but hey jkt48 still young enough compare with akb48. . they are only 2 year formed. . even akb48 self at their first year formed, they’re not so successful. . people even called them “Panties showing group”, so to see how JKT48 journey for this 2 year seemed to bring me back to the memories first year akb48 journey .. and it touched me .. for those who hate .. please give them a chance .. same as you give to akb48 .. last but not least forgive my broken english..

    with love
    evan Danner

  23. Kenichi Adam says:

    I knew JKT48 by chance through their “Gingham Check” MV on youtube. Then I came across another youtube video of their performance of “River” at Budokan concert in Japan on 28 April 2013; their performance gives away some vibe that awes me. Since then I’m hooked.

    After comparisons of the performances of the same song (including songs other than “River”) by their Japanese counterparts, JKT48 comes off as more charismatic and unique (this is what it means to be an idol, possessing charisma!). Members of JKT48, by and large, has better vocal and dance quality than their Japanese sister groups. Their dance is much more passionate than the Japanese.

    Among the members, I think Melody who has the most outstanding beauty; of course, the others are also beautiful and some can be cute too. But, this is one of the reasons why I like JKT48, their looks are so exotic and refreshing (I have been seeing too much of Japanese girls that they begin to lose their appeal).

    :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P

  24. prakaz says:

    Im an indo. Im lately into jkt48 and become a fan. I used to follow helloproject idols. Yes, jkt48 is more joyful. They (like most indonesians) really love to make joke (thanks to twitter we can see them hav fun). The akb48 and other japanese idols i dont know basially theyre stoic people, their tweet (or fb status ) usually share their pics with friends or self and we only reply “kawaii” or “cute” , thats all. Jekety kids make short videos (funny, singing, playing music instruments) regularly which entertain the fans make them not boring until today.
    I agree with kenichi adam said above .

  25. prakaz says:

    The guy above who underestimated jkt I believe she is Krusha , a user in 48 or h!p site. From the begining of jkt she talked bad about jkt.
    Hey Krusha loser! , jkt48 has many fans and so as akb. Were doing great . Krusha has no fan! Hahaa. Nobody likes her. She lives alone. Go fuck urself!
    Indonesian have long history in music. We often winning asian singing contest since 1970’s.