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  1. Tomo says:

    I am moved with the final special message. From my personal point of view, JKT48 had already been as “The No.1 Beloved Idol Group in Indonesia, More Over Among All the ASEAN Counties,Especially at The Leading Country’s Capital City, Jakarta”. If I accelrate too much, please forgive me. But, I think JKT48 is “the original one” even though it existes under the umbrella of 48 groups. JKT48 has their own spedial shine. JKT48 can not survive without all the Indonesian fans strong support with “Heavy Rtated” CHANT-Mix. With my loud voice, I want to say “JKT48 has been originally made by all the Indonesian fans”. I hope you all don’t worry about your original CHANT-Mix. JKT48 is generated for you all in Republik of Indonesia. Sure I also hope “Go Internatinal!” as always Melody says:) Sorry to disturb you. Best Wishes,

  2. Tomo says:

    Again TOMO. I think I have better add some more words. I believe that you all should be proud of your JKT48 and also be proud of your own CHANT-Mix. Sure you all are highly impacted by AKB48 and the CHANT-Mix for AKB. But your JKT is your JKT, not AKB. I believe that you don’t have to worry the some small differences of CHANT-Mix between for JKT48 and AKB48 and for the other 48 groups in Japan. And your CHANT-Mix is your CHANT-Mix. If my expression is exaggerated, please advise me. But even though JKT48’s songs and performances are based on AKB48 and J-POP, I believe JKT48’s songs and performances are already I(Indonesian)-POP by all the fans of Indonesia. And more,by your nation’s passionative and open soul. Finally I apologize for my misstype at the important part of my previous comment. Not “Heavy Rtated” but “Heavy Rotated”. As you know this part is metaphor:)

    • Angga says:

      Thanks for the encouragement :D .

      I also personally think that the fans should have some creativity in creating chant mix as long as not destroying the fun and enjoyment of the mix itself as already stated by WasshoiJ on his article about the recent theater review :D

  3. WasshoiJ says:

    A little problem the JKT theater have right now is there are different groups of people doing their own version of the Mix in the same stage.

    In the end, it sounds terrible because
    1) people are confused on what to Mix
    2) there is no power and
    3) there is no unity.

    There will be groups of people who follow the AKB mix and their rules (such as no mixing during slow songs) and also, there will be groups of people who do not know these “rules” and just mix to everything anyway. For example, the last instrumental in Kagami is JKT fans infamous “anyhow chant” section because you will here the “Yossssh Ikuzo” and after that, everybody will not know what to say next. (in AKB mix, you just keep quiet).

    So, how? Who is there to teach? Or who is there to follow? Who knows what is right? Who knows when it is not right? Who says I cannot start my own JKT mix? Who says I must listen to your group Mix? These are the uncertainty people face.

    And because there is nothing or nobody showing, guiding and helping the fans to be united and do things together, things will not get better soon. How many years did it take the original AKB fans to develop the mix? Will it take JKT fans the same time for their own version too?

    Personally, it is the best when everybody is united. That is why some JKT mix such as the Eee Aaa, the Heavy Rotation claps and also, the Urya oi, are nice and fun.

    But it is the worst when it is not united AND there is trolling done by these same group of people in the audience. The first shows of Gen 2 theaters have some horrible fans because fans keep shouting for Gen 1 members during member call. And worst of all, these same Gen 1 members like Shanju were standing at the back and they can see and hear everything.

    So maybe, there is just no choice but to bear with it and let things work itself out. Maybe in 1 year time, there will be some nice and pleasant changes :P

    • Angga says:

      Those trolls problem has been ironed out in recent theater review I read, but perhaps the “un-unity” and the “I’ll do whatever I like, I’m a hipster” mix is the one that is hard to be ironed out right now with the “Everybody wanna be the stars” attitude :lol:

      I really loved that Eee Aaa chant tho’ :lol: , hopefully the fans could incorporate it to other songs as well as long as it fits :D

  4. Tomo says:

    WasshoiJ san and Angga san.”Dangdut” songs are your traditional popular songs? I’ve heard the name of the songs, “Dangdut” before. I think if I and many JKT48 fans in Japan can know what “Dangdudt” songs are, just I think we will be able to enjoy your pops sciene:D

    • Angga says:

      Well, Dangdut is not a “Pop” scene per se :D . It’s more like a grass root like songs and considered the “people’s song” for lower to medium class citizens while parts of people who claimed themselves as upper class citizens considered it as plebes and often sang the song just for mocking.

      One thing to note tho’, upbeat Dangdut is awesome for fun atmosphere and dancing together all around :lol:

      Here’s some of it as example :

      This is the real Sendy JKT48 singing before her start as a JKT48 member. It’s an “underground” dangdut scene where Sendy struggling there to pay for her own tuition fee. The very exact reason why I really admire Sendy myself.

      The very well known Dangdut song that based itself on a Latin song called Coffee Rhumba and produced by a Japanese named Makoto Kubota.

      A J-Pop band that song arrangement really resembles Dangdut in a very close way

      Another take on Dangdut.

      And a modern take of Dangdut which succeed very well in the market. Everybody loves this group who sang this song :D

      And Kissu Shite arrangement really really resembles a Dangdut song, that’s why that typical Dangdut Eee Aaa mix really fit in very well in that song :D

  5. Tomo says:

    I will take my research on YouTube to know what “Dangdut” is. THXS:D

  6. Tomo says:

    First of all, appreciate for your great lessons for me, the beginner of Dangdut songs. Yeah, this is the amazing time for me that I can reallyze what Dangdut it is. Actually Dangdut differs from i.e. Japanese people’s song “Enka” and more other songs in the other nations I personally think. And personally again, I really like “Kiss Shite Son Shichatta”‘s sound, rhythm and arrangement. If you feel there is a similarity between “KisuShite” and Dangdut songs, I also can feel there are some possiblities for JKT48,JOT and AKimoto san to create Dangdut-taste songs. Because, again this flash is just only mine but, some recent J-POP’s main streem “Kayoukyoku” songs have been taking respects to “Kayoukyoku”‘s meridian period 60′ to 70’ and there is a tendecy to hire sounds and rhythm taste-like “KisuShite”. Again from my private song-lovers career, Akimoto san also tends to hire “KisuShite” taste as spices in some set-lists. Probably Akimoto san lived that golden period of “Kayoukyoku” as his teenager’s experience. So again probably he enjoyed that sound and rhythm. I heard when Akimoto san creates new song, per one song, he tries to hear candidate songs originally written only for the new one song. So he has possiblities to adopt Dangdut-taste song like “KisuShte” more, if JOT can gather the taste that Indonesian friends prefer by such as research or survey, they can realize the beloved lyric, song, rhythm and arrangement. So at that time, JKT48 can be really localyzed to Indonesia. I hope JKT48’s 1st original song should be that one. Sure JKT48 will be singing AKB48’s songs. But I think it is OK for JKT has some songs originally made in Indonesia, not always J-POP

  7. xzerozero says:

    The Hell Angga!!! where the hell you get that “dangdut japanese song”?? 8-O
    i’am freaking in shock rightnow

  8. Tomo says:

    Sendy was taking such pains, the 1st time I know. I just knew Sendy sung Dangdut. She is happy to become JKT48 members, probably “yes” I think. I feel that I absolutely respect Sendy. BTW I never said “Dangdut Japanese song”.

    • benimaru says:

      Sendy and Rica are the members who trully understand the word struggle and survive..

      they’re both seems to be the most grateful members for being in JKT..

      that is why they seems preety mad with the action of few graduated members..

  9. Rifqi says:

    This is a pretty nice article. Rarely found it anywhere :)

    For he/she who wrote the article, two thumbs up. Looking forward for similar articles like this. We need to know what non-Indonesians know anyway.

  10. allucalt says:

    need more article about Japanese fans opinion like this. Thank you :-D