Haruka about Flood : Sugoi!


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7 Responses

  1. Tokyo Pop says:

    Wow! Angga!
    So quick always! thanks!

  2. HERMAN says:

    Wait a sec. Which part of these “die hard” floods have something to do with “Sugoi”? I don’t get it. It’s just me or this sweet young maiden really needs some treatments.

    • Angga says:

      I think it’s normal :D . Just imagine me, someone who haven’t seen snow at all. The first time seeing snowfall and it was a heavy snowfall which causes some thick layer of snow, I think the first words coming from my mouth would be the same : “Sugoi!” (or perhaps in expressive Indonesian : “Gilak! Anying Gilak!”) :lol:

      So yeah, nothing wrong with Haruka’s reaction there. It was to be expected and I find it both interesting and funny at the same time :) .

      • HERMAN says:

        Yeah she ‘s a good girl, though. Coz’ if I were her, I’d said “Terrible”, “Sad” or “Embarassing” rather than “Sugoi”. Or maybe I just said @#$*% (cencored).

  3. Tokyo Pop says:

    Last year,I had the M 9.0 earthquake at my office on the 8th floor in Tokyo.
    Whole building was shaking deadly, I thought I was going to die.The word just came out of my mouth