Ghaida Graduation Cancelled !


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  1. djt says:

    I’m glad that she decide to stay ^^ regardless on the pro an cons, Idol things is still new in Indonesia. so I think fans also should try to understand on that. i just hope next time before member decide to announce “grad” at least they talk to the captain first and also with the management don’t just suddenly said “hey guys i’m quit now”.

  2. mano haruka says:

    kinda incredible…which would never occur in Japan…

  3. kadenza says:

    That anniversary day was the super roller coaster day… tears of happiness in the afternoon, and then tears of sadness in the evening.. and now tears of happiness again :D

  4. HERMAN says:

    Hmmm…so she canceled it eventually.That was good, of course it really was. Then there will be no graduation and everyone is happy. The end? Hell no.
    If it was, why don’t I feel relieved? Coz She has canceled it and she CAN un-cancel it anytime she want. May be in the next few days, weeks, you name it.
    Dammit man! Those sort of graduation’s stuff now are very startling you could have a heart attack because of them. Those are very weird too you could call Mulder and Scully to investigate them. (Yes, weird, coz’ sometimes it doesn’t make sense and you’ll never know how or why did it happen).
    But, what the hell, forget it! let’s just watch their show, ok.

    • Angga says:

      Well..if that time really comes when she decided to graduate (again) then it will be the exact time where we should support her decision again. But I don’t think she will ever do that for at least a year. And yeah, let’s enjoy the dramas more :lol:

  5. KageTora says:

    umm… pardon me Angga, though you have changed the “?” with “!” – you still failed to spell check that “Ghadia”. We can ignore your previous failure with “Fly High Our Butt~” ( making hand gesture of “Oshiri” ~ referring to Yuko-Mayu Oshiri sisters’ hand gesture ~ then flapping it around like shadowplaying a bu~ er, bird/butterfly ), but misspelling your idol name seems too be a little overboard, desu ne?

    LOL kidding :-D :-D :-D

    Yet indeed, it’s a miracle. I mentioned in S48 that I pray the best for her after her graduation announcement. Perhaps that was for the first time after quite a long time I really pray for someone. That the best for her beyond all thought possibilities turned out to be staying with the group made me think : Perhaps that is also a sign for me to learn to pray again.

    Yes, debates might be sparked after this – it’s for the first time in 48’s history, that such thing happens. But I guess I’ll save such arguments for later. For now, let’s rejoice!

    • Angga says:

      You killed me man :lol:

      That was a miserably fatal misspell, thanks for notifying me :lol:

      As for the “automatic” butt~, let’s put the blame on that particular WordPress plugin :lol:

  6. sunred says:

    rejoice, rejoice!!

    great end of year present for the fans!
    welcome back Ghaida.

    this idol group is really something now; they have the beauty, the catchy songs, and they have their very own endless twists left right and center!!
    loving it!!!

  7. anakdekan says:

    well i’ts a good news becuse for me personally (I forgot to write it on my shonichi field report) ghaida is the star of the show that night, troughout the setlist she give a hundred percent total performances, even she admit that it’s hard to be a “girl”, so wecome back Kamen Ghaida

    • Angga says:

      Thanks mate :D . No worries, the field report for that defining night already written by PejantanTanggung and already been translated into English. Will eagerly wait for your next field report mate! :D.

  8. Tomo says:

    The good news from Ghaida for us! Among many Japanese JKt48 fans, Ghaida’s graduation has been sensational. But it was cancelled(?). If so, many Japanese fans also are relieved. And more, the cacellations of any graduations in AKB and the other 48 groups in Japan, from just small memeories, I’ve never been heard. Amazing JKT48! I support as possible as I can.

  9. xzerozero says:

    Like dream come true. I always think Ghaida is the most person in the group which can compromise with Fans.
    And now… She’s not dispointing.
    Okaeri Ghaida…. :)