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Obituary: Mr. Jiro Inao

We’ve received news that JKT48 Operation Team’s own Mr. Jiro Inao, fondly remembered for his various appearances holding a mop before announcing new announcement for JKT48, is no longer here with us. According to...


Novinta’s Newest Movie – Petak Umpet Minako

Produced by RakBuku Production (Their first ever featured movie) with Billy Christian (Hi5teria, Tuyul) on helm, Petak Umpet Minako or Minako’s Hide and Seek (which was originally a novel written by @manhalfgod), told a...


Ve and Lymphoma

At first I thought that it might better if I just keep it for myself, but after several considerations, I might make you worried more if I keep my mouth shut and perhaps it might be better if you know.


The Little Sister I Never Had

Nabilah is the little sister figure in both JKT48 and literally in her family. While JKT48 having younger members nowadays, she’s still the little sister to most people. It took her 18,217 KM (Roughly...