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Who is Thalia Ivanka Elizabeth?

This week’s edition is about Thalia Ivanka Elizabeth! And we begin this post by first introducing her nickname! Vanka…. the little Thalia At first, she was introduced as Vanka so that others will not...

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The Setlist You Wish

nother year for JKT48 means new generation, new team, and of course the new show for us or simply called as setlist. It’s been officially announced that both team KIII dan team T will have their new setlist starting around next week. Honestly, how do we response to this?

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Learning about Te Wo Tsunaginagara

Team T’s own version of S2’s Te Wo Tsunaginagara debuts next Sunday, on 15 March 2015! I really love this stage, because I saw SKE48 perform most of their songs during their 2 concerts in Singapore back in 2011. It’s a fun and youthful stage, and it allowed the early SKE48 to set themselves apart…