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Koisuru Fortune Cookie uh.. Dangdut Version?

Ah…the good ‘ol Koisuru Fortune Cookie. This song has been beaten up so many times and comes in way too many forms that I’m actually getting fed up just hearing the first few seconds of the intro. But who would’ve guess that the song still have few juices out of it left when it came in an unpredictable dangdut version.

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JKT48 @JAM EXPO 2014: The Report

On July 24th, JKT48 official website announced that JKT48 would perform in @JAM EXPO 2014 held in Yokohama, Japan, on August 31th(SUN). It has been a JKT48’s performance alone in Japan since Sendy, Veranda and Nabilah performed in Indonesia Festival 2013 held in Roppongi, Tokyo, in last September.