Author: Japarta

What’s in Their Mind After AKB Sousenkyo.

Last weekend, Jun 7th, I was in Ajinomoto stadium watching AKB Sousenkyo event, waiting for the announcement of the vote counts final results. All of my Oshi-mems already graduated (from AKB48), it was my first time to join the event as one of JKT48 fans.

Jadilah Nekad 4 : One Step Ahead

On May 18th, JK48 will held a HandShake event “Flying Get” with the concept of joining handshake and culture expo, we can expect various events in the venue. The venue itself is the same as last time: Balai Kartini, Jakarta.

Tobitate Ryugaku Japan!

On March 19th, an announcement was uploaded on the websites of various Universities in Japan. Below is one of them for you to download. Announcement It announces that Japan MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture,...