Tobitate Ryugaku Japan!


I'm Japanese. I translate stuffs, English - Japanese - Bhs Indonesia I love JKT48!

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  1. Zen says:

    …is this the same event like Haruka ‘n Sae attended before …???

    • obie says:

      Thanks for sharing.…^_^

    • obie says:

      Thanks for sharing.…^_^

    • gorgom says:

      somebody please translate what chikarina said? pretty please with cherry on top? :oops: :roll:

      • Yuminosuke says:

        Ini adalah terjemahan dari Google. Maaf kalau saya salah.

        Hi there Saya seorang Chicano Rina.
        Saya menjadi anggota JKT48. Aku akan pergi ke Indonesia.
        Ada kecemasan. Tapi harapan besar.
        Acara ini ditujukan untuk siswa internasional.
        Saya juga belajar di luar negeri.
        Saya ingin mendukung siswa internasional.

  2. gorgom says:

    since…since when did haruka became so pretty…? 8-O

  3. benimaru says:

    holy shit! they even invite J-minister of education and US ambassador in their newest member in-auguration 8) 8)

    me bet, not many AKB girls having this kind of chance :-D

    well, if she really is comitted, Chika need to get used with this kind of stuff, considering she became a new “ambassador” beside Haruka :-D :-D

    not to be exaggerate, but it seems now JKT48 became what you called “international idol”

  4. Tomo says:

    Yes, It’s my UNIV. Meiji.
    My class mate, one male political science professor has been trying to contribute their own study-abroad progoram.
    Yes, I really want to dance KFC at the univ. hall :wink:

  1. March 29, 2014

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