Jessica Veranda in Times to Come


A fanboy , support with attitude

5 Responses

  1. Gomi says:

    A meany and arrogant person, but still a great idol. This article doesn’t do her justice.

  2. ridwan says:

    the prettiest out of all the girls, she can dance really well, her stage presence is great and also have experiences being center twice, so yeah she deserves it

  3. Geth says:

    Ve’s win in JKT48 election this year practically change nothing. Her overrated image surely make a backfire winning speech

  4. Dewocabo says:

    Kudos to her fan support. She deserves to be the center.
    It’s a shame that some fans blame Ve for their oshi’s loss by calling her names, etc.
    The girls have done nothing wrong.. It’s up to their fans support to make their oshi to become a center.