Akicha and Rena AKB48 Election Campaign Video Translation


Italian guy living in Japan. I like all 48 groups but JKT interest me the most. I wish to contribute to their popularity in Japan and see them do an event here! Team J = Veranda, Gentiga = Nina, but my oshi is Ayen :) I never wanted to support someone as much as I do her.

2 Responses

  1. Johny Cendol says:

    Rena’s Indonesian part is:
    Aku akan makan wasabi untuk show semangat aku untuk Sousenkyo ini!

    The correct sentence is:
    Aku akan makan wasabi untuk menunjukkan(kepada kalian) semangat aku di Sousenkyo ini!

    She mixed her indonesian with english in this speech.

    GanbaRena! Hope she will get rank in this SSK.

    • Iniituliatdulu says:

      To be fair to her, today MANY Indonesian is mixing English to the Indonesian to look cool. So blame it to our entertainment sector.

      e.g. try watching .net for example, the entertainment news use hello good people as their greetings.