The Attractiveness Rating of JKT48 – 2014 Media Selection Members (International Version)


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  1. Zaizen says:

    Very interesting research, thanks for sharing these results. :)
    I myself am also Dutch (my father is Indonesian), I kind of expected the cute young looking members would rank a bit low. I did however expect Nabilah to rank higher.

    • Tilly says:

      Yes. My initial guess before the survey was Nabilah and Ayana would rank higher, since Nabilah’s face is quite Indo, whereas Ayana is Middle Eastern-ish, which is should be familiar in the Netherlands due to a lot of Turkish and Moroccan immigrant here.

      • Zaizen says:

        Yeah exactly, those were my thoughts too about Nabilah and Ayana. quite surprising to be honest. Maybe you should do this research again in 4 years or so when they’re a bit older :-P

        I am glad to see Rica up there, I could not understand why she was not more popular when I was new to JKT48.

  2. kadenza says:

    Interesting to note the cultural differences. I always somehow think that Westerners prefer mature/serious/sexy types while Asians like cute/childish/sweet type. It also shows up in the way they do make-up in Western vs Asian magazines.

  3. Z says:

    “In your face Gaby! I’m second only to Ve & Melody!”

    Seconds later

    “Eeeh wait does that mean that I look old”

  4. Geth says:

    Touche, age does matter

  5. Tilly says:

    The good news is we are currently extending this survey with senbatsu & undergirls this year. So, we have more diverse combination of the members from three teams. Hope the results will be there in the next two months.

  6. pekopekokun says:

    i think asian in general are more conservative and value gracefulness
    and when it comes to beauty standard
    always looking toward something cute/innocent/sweet/girl next door type

    besides,when western people sees asian
    usually they always thought that they were look younger then they actually are
    and it’s just my theory that, western beauty standard always toward the sex appeal
    which they could find on a girls with a mature appearance

    they should take a look at naomi or farin :wink: