The Setlist You Wish


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  1. WasshoiJ says:

    The slow pace in DnT and a personal drop in enthusiasm when RKJ first announced didn’t make me favor those setlists. That and their decreasing theater performances (someone made a great observation on how J had fewer and fewer weekend theaters in 2014) and I think it hurt in the short term for fans who wanted a more energetic setlist. I would to believe that the more varied expressions helped them to form a rather versatile image for the group…. which helps in the long term, but even such a thought can be a stretch.
    i think it’s great that KIII and T are getting good, energetic setlists. That kind of enthusiasm will always make fans want to come back to the theater.
    Yet, despite my thoughts on energetic setlists, there do exists theater-goers who will attend simply because their oshi is performing. It would be great if we can understand the kind of impact such fans are making to members and the community.

    • WasshoiJ says:

      edit: *and I think it hurt J’s popularity in the theater in the short term, especially for fans who wanted a more energetic setlist.*

    • Verranzo says:

      I love team J’ RKJ the most, it was subtle, graceful, and suits the mature feeling of team J. DNT is a good one, but been running at the same time with the more energetic and interesting Seishun Girls. In my opinion, one of many factors of the decreasing attendance in DNT comes from the customers’ behaviour.

      Team KIII have this kind of dynamic fans, or in other words, everybody want to see their performance over and over. For team J’ case, just like you said, DNT has provided that slow pace, the customers are quite those same people from show to another show- like a loyal subscribers. It hurts, but people feel like it’s enough for them to attend DNT once a month or much longer.

      The next setlist for team J is an important matter, whether they can spark again and attract more fans or end up with their loyal subscribers.