Noella Sisterina Graduation Announcement


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  1. glx48 says:

    This is quite shocking for me.. she’s got everything she needs to be an idol her voice, her musicality, and her charm.. and once again JOT waste one of the best talent in JKT.. and that’s a big NO NO.. good luck for noella for her future..

  2. benimaru says:

    so this is the reason why she rarely appear in soc-med :-?

    agree with the dude above.. another potential that became a waste..

    such a pity..

    JOT definition of talent surely differs from what common people define :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    buena suerte Noell :)

  3. joco says:

    I think that Noella is a talented person :-D

    She just went to a Shokudou(small Japanese restaurant) with much of Chinese foods.
    and their recommendation was Chahhan(Chinese fried rice) instead of nasi goreng 8-O

    But I guess that Noella would do fine :wink:

    • Benimaru says:

      seems a bit racist bre.. altho me had to admit, to a certain point, you are right..

    • Johny Cendol says:

      It still ok for me. Although their serve lots of chinese food, their main dish is Seblak. Btw, if you go to Nasi Goreng vendors, they will likely also serves kwetiau, fuyunghai and capcay. :-D

  4. Tokyo Pop says:

    Oh…no more Sakura banner,please…
    Good bye and good luck Noella.

  5. Fujiwara says:

    well this announcement is wasnt such a shocker to me . . .well i predict the announcement would be at the HS event .. .
    the sign of her leaving is so obvious .. . she missing performing at JKT big concert such as 3rd Anniversary and Jkt X Akb concert and doesnt appeared in theater.. it was just a matter of time till the announcement came out. . .. .
    well all that being said i wish her all the best . . . .KIII will definitly miss her talent :)

  6. animevoicejanai says:

    Always corner JOT, leh…
    3 months or so, for the negotiations I think. and doesnt meet the win-win solution for both….
    so, this is it. JOT cant pleasure everyone…

    yeah glhf for noella btw.

    • Cl4pTrap says:

      Because JOT is (always) wrong, and (few)fans always (feel) right.
      “JOT wasting talented member” whatsoever….MO will always appear, it’s seem like a mandatory for some fan to accuse JOT for anything.

  7. Just a fan says:

    JKT48 is surely a nest of highly potential and talented young girls. Too bad, they can’t come upfront all the same time. There are high tension of competition in it despite how they close to each other as a huge family.
    Those who can’t stand the competition will be set aside. I absolutely agree that Noella has a high potential inside her, I also sure that JOT fully understood that, otherwise she would not pass the audition and be a regular member.
    The reason why she graduates will remain a mistery to us, I only hope that is because that she would like to achieve another goal, the one she couldn’t do as a member of JKT48 and not because she had lost the competition. That would be a great lost
    Whatever that is I would like to wish her good luck for whatever she does in the future.
    Ever onward Noella

  8. achmad says:

    This is the first time i feel shocked on members graduation,not feel like this before, when jot announced it, i hope she take part in HS festival, like rica did before,…
    Well, i’ll be waiting interview with her ini jkt48stuff, like kei and rica… :-D