Who is Andela Yuwono?


Idol fan from Singapore. Fandom is great. It makes you do all kinds of things, have all kinds of fun, meet all kinds of people and know all kinds of idols.

6 Responses

  1. myeon says:

    Cute andela chan !! :)

  2. Eddy says:

    Nice review about Andela. I am Eddy, Andelaice (Andela Fanbase) Admin.

    You are in Singapore? May be we can meet and chit-chat about Andela :)
    I am Indonesian living in Singapore.

  3. radityo utomo says:

    great review on Andela. Just to share on how high her fan-service level is: She likes to take hold of fans’ hands during hi touch sessions and keep holding for longer than necessary lol. also during HS (if possible, hi touch as well) she is very curious about her fans. One time she asked if my arm was okay then because the previous time we met I was wearing bandages. I was surprised she even remember that lol

  4. Tokyo Pop says:

    Hi Wotaliano!
    Nice translation. Otukaresama-deshita!