Let The Battle Begins!


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  1. shunusuke says:

    ahh I agree with all your comments… :mrgreen:

    • QuezFlow says:

      me too! xD
      despite the messy dance, J being themselves. Kinal, Delima, Nabilah, and all were like kindergarten children who very happy after the school time’s over. messy, but powerful and fun!

      and for Trainess, Andelove (white) is my favorite, but Manda (Red) did a better job as a center. clean and pretty #thumbsup

  2. benimaru says:

    is that Yupi on River center?? bahahaa.. no offence, put a lolli as a frontline on strong choreo is a very wrong move.. :-? :-?

    you right bre, it seems because we seen to many river performance.. it became kinda boring, at least for me (aside the fact me oshi-menba was not performing)..

    me vote for J performing the cheerleader song!! eventho it look miserably messy, me already watch it 3 times, while for K3 river, me only watch it once..

  3. Juichi says:

    Team J vs Team KIII

    1. J – 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku
    saya lebih suka penampilan Team J, walaupun tariannya belum sempurnah dan rapi, tapi mereka membawakan Lagu begitu energik hingga membuat ku meirinding, hingga kau ber hayal sejenak, ( andai Team J Membawakan Lagu ini di Tokyo Dome, kira-kira, apa ya.. komentar Fans AKB48 di Jepang? )

    2. KIII – RIVER
    Tidak ada yang salah dengan Team KIII, tapi… ntah mengapa aku tidak merasakan apapun yang membuat ku tabjuk, mungkin aku sudah pernah melihat nya, ntah dimana (mungkin hanya perasaan saja)

    Red Team Trainee vs White Team Trainee
    1. Team Putih
    Tampak Cantik

    2. Team Merah
    Cantik dan Elegan ( saya suka Team Merah)