JKT48 3rd Anniversary Concert First Day Recap


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6 Responses

  1. somedude says:

    So fans gets to decide the name for sub-group , interesting .
    And a 4th gen audition , i didn’t expect that they’ll do it so soon , trying to catch up with something i assume ? It doesn’t matter though , looking forward to some fresh new faces :D

    Thanks for the report guys !

  2. yhyksk says:

    Haruka Project sub-group name = harum manis :wink:

  3. Temmy says:

    That was jkt’s best concert ever. Now I’m very excited to watch the 2nd show!

  4. benimaru says:

    most of me colleague who attend it praise Ve and Rona solo part.. but extremely criticizing (even to the point of bashing) Melody solo part..

    well, me can understand management motive on this, but is her voice really that bad?

    no Sendy solo part?

    • Vie says:

      Since the beginning when Melody did the kage-ana, her voice already sounded hoarse, seems like she’s catching cold.

      • benimaru says:

        her voice is always like that bre :roll: just watch some of her interview vids..

        those who are made her singin solo is the one that supposed to be criticized..

        sayin that your idol is having a cold/throat illness while s/he is actually sucks at singin is a “classic reasoning” :wink: (no offence, seriously, no offence)..