JKT48 Will Be Releasing A Calculator App


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6 Responses

  1. benimaru says:

    Me monochromic nokia don’t have android 2.3, but it already have a “built-in” calculator since the 1st time me used it 15 years ago..

    Is this means me nokia still superior than android phones :-? :-? :?:

    • gorgom says:

      well, android comes with a built-in calculator too…but you can install another calculator that suits you best

      *or you’re joking and i didn’t catch your drift :lol: *

      anyway, another gimmick app, not my cup of tea :-|

  2. jpaa says:

    this far fans need your attention of jkt48 news,
    thanks :wink:

  3. glx48 says:

    I just imagine this calculator application will be like scientific calculator you know there will be a lot of buttons that i don’t know how to use it or it will be like gimmick application like JKT48 clock

  4. animevoicejanai says:

    already downloaded it. but doubt to buy members voice.
    the free voice is absurd, really its not cute,,, Let’s get rich still better. lol
    how come I expect from the paid voices to be, if there is no demo voice of its member.
    its like buying a cat in a bag.