JKT48 First School Festival Report


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  1. Fujiwara says:

    well my visit to the pensi is a bad experience for me too bro .. . got 2 ticket with 10 coupon total .. . but used only 1 stamp for stage performance . .. cause i see the que for each class attraction is like crazy long lines of people. . . .so i decided to go the stage instead. . . .where suddenly the secuirity and the official JOT photografer said that there could be no picture or filming during the stage act whatsoever .. .but i secretly took photos anyway. when one of the official JOT photograher saw that i was taking picture with my camera he went bananas screaming and spewing out rude words and take my camera and formated its content. . . .that makes my day there pretty much down hill and couldnt enjoy the performance.till the end .. . im questioning the sudden change in filming and taking picture policy where in the HS Gingham check doent apply but in pensi the security and staff are really going at it and not to mention rude sighhh :cry: :cry:

    • asal komen says:

      I thought it was all done to prevent any salkus photo, I think this is a good policy even if it means sacrificing a “good” photographer

      can you imagine, how the girls feel, when salkus photographer taking pictures of them when they perform Utsukushii Inazuma in previous handshake festivals

      they even send that photos to “miss n” twitter, and since then she looks sad and angry, as a woman I’m sure they feel harassed
      and how about if the picture spread to their parents, to the haters, to general public
      once again, can you imagine reaction of their parents or the public assumptions about jkt

      I know there is more “good” photographer than salkus photographer but as a good fans i think we all agree that we do not want to see any salkus photo

      sorry for my bad english

      • Fujiwara says:

        well i wouldnt be complaining if it werent for the rude action of the staff and security. . .come on do you need to be so rude as to shout like a mad man and talking Sh*t to people thats a little overboard .. .
        it would help if they put up a warning of no photography and filming on the announcement and on the pensi area before hand…. also there are secuirity check on the front they should have stop people who bring camera on the the event area if this were the case 8-O
        well what’s done is done, just so many complaining bout the behaviour of the staff and lot of people got their camera memory card taken and formated not to mention handphones .. . just wish they would give out announcement bout this (wheter or not we’re allowed to take picture/filming) in the next event JOT held though :-|

        • asal komen says:

          I am sorry if you have a bad day, can we meet I’ll buy you a cup of coffee bro :-D
          I think the situation a little heated because placard incident

          and i think the secuirity and the official JOT photografer have said before that there could be no picture or filming during the stage act but you secretly took photos, hayo siapa yang bandel :)

          and we are indonesian, we always yelling each other
          deng♪ deng♩ deng♫ deng♪ deng♫ aaaaarrgghhh..!! kopi doraemong ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
          oh btw I’m serious about buy you a cup of coffee

          • Benimaru says:

            what placard incident?

          • Fujiwara says:

            well i’ll admit i a wrong for secretly taking pictur (though im not the only one) :roll:
            yelling i can understand but “ngomong kotor” is it appropriate? 8-O
            well i’ll take you aup on that cofee ofer in the next HS Kopla event bro cheer 8)

            i think there are 3 fan who put up a sign with some writing that still joke on Jeje when Jeje is performing on the team J performance on stage
            here is the picture

  2. KacaL says:

    Agree with Mr. Angga’s opinion about J-Lusi. The only attraction point is to see the members in angel-like costume acted like a waitress. The cafe even ran out of food when I came at 12:30. What a shame. On the other side, I was pretty impressed with the Trainee’s Maid Cafe. They did a very good job there! =D

  3. AR says:

    The staffs and security need to be taught manner and stuffs. my friends also got his memorycard formatted.

  4. AR says:

    The staffs and security need to be taught manner and stuffs. my friends also got his memorycard formatted.

  5. Pitra says:

    It would be too long if I share the whole experience here. Aside of the not-taking-photograph-without-warning-before-the-event thing, my only critic was the bad queuing line. It felt like HS in episentrum all over again.

    The event’s concept was actually really good. It was held in school, with help from local students. I think JOT would like it since it was low in production cost. All members participated in activity that they themselves design. They feel that they are really belong to the event. This is their own event, and they feel they must do their best for it.

    The members learn new experience. They become stronger and more bonded with each other. You don’t have to go to a motivational boot camp to experience such things. Just give them works that could help them cooperate with one another. And that was Pensi meant for them.

  6. anak bawang says:

    do you know, there is a new rules in the next HS Festival, cameras were not allowed into the handshake area