JKT48 Announced Milen and Kei Graduation


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5 Responses

  1. shunusuke says:

    kei ? seriously? really unpredictable..
    hope they get success on their own way

  2. Benimaru says:

    maybe in few months we will see one of them in one of those so-called drama AKA shitnetron..

  3. Akbar says:

    Ah, Milen, Kei? Success for your study. Reach your dreams. I hope you will participate at JKT48’s next generation audition, two or maybe 3 years later. At least one of you, Milen or Kei. Please comeback! :)

  4. zakkie says:

    今回は候補生の中でも期待されていたミレンの卒業…!ミレンがセンターの「言い訳 may be」がもう見れないなんて寂しいですね。このコメントを書いている時もひらがなの「みれん」を変換すると「未練」とか「見れん」が出てきて辛いです。最後親父ギャグで締めてしまってスミマセン。