Halloween Photo Pack Release


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11 Responses

  1. Fujiwara says:

    damn the Hallowen PP is so cool .. . im gonna buy me some later 8-O

  2. Da-chi says:

    It is a want of Veranda`s PP!!

  3. JK21 says:

    Ghaida black version PP look so Tim Burton style!! it’s reminds me with Tim Burton Movies Characters.. I Like It!!! ><

    • Bl1 says:

      I think Ghaida wears Wednesday Addams costume from the Addams Family, I love her pictures and Ve’s angel the most! ;D

  4. ela says:

    In this PP Melody looks so scaryyyyyy~~~~ but cooool!! :-D

  5. shunusuke says:

    top of my list = Beby !!
    Just WOW …

  6. silvesterkayr says:

    The normal version consist of 2 or more members with similar costume, kinda disappointing (sorry)…but the scary version ..thats SCARYness freaking me out, imagine the poster size of those PP on my wall at midnight…hahaha.

  7. vlady says:

    yeahh.. surprise surprise.. it is pretty good actually.. and this is the first time I took interest to this kind of thing.. but is there someone dressed as Kuntilanak or pocong?? all I can see is western ghosts and witches.. :)

  8. jpaa says:

    sorry OOT. is there no article anymore here? when other web share about jkt48 news, here is none, quite hereee…
    i am waiting for the HF news you promise hehee