The Underdogs and Enigmas of Pajama Drive Revival Show


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  1. Trive says:

    The ultimate reason why dhike can’t shine now is thelong hair. I really really like her when her hair is short because she looks special in short hair. I think many people like her too in short hair and dissapointed when her hair is long

    • Angga says:

      I think it really depends on each individuals though. For an instance, I like the way she felt she most comfortable with her hair, any hair-do she chose will suit me just fine :D

      • ディク says:

        “I like the way she felt she most comfortable with her hair”
        I completely agree with you Mr. Angga. No matter what other people says about which of her hairstyle is better: the short one or the long one, she herself has stated more than once that she herself favors the latter than the former. Furthermore, whenever discussing about her previous short hairstyle, Dhike has often expressed her dislikes with it because she says her previous short hairstyle makes her head looks like a match heads. :-P

      • yui'i says:

        happily to know it, sure…:)).

  2. Gue says:

    angga oshihen? shania gmn?

  3. Tokyo Pop says:

    Please know that you have a lot of fans here in Japan!

  4. kurawa says:

    I love dhike very much. Her body flow, step and foot work are the best. Please watch junjou shugi on dvd first gen. pajama. Nobody can pull off like what dhike had done.

    I still not getting chances to watch all members. But, as far as theater show I’ve attended. Dhike and Tata really caught my attention.

  5. Jvalz says:

    Well, Dhike is my kami-oshi and I never regret choosing her as my kami-oshi. It’s already 2,5 years now. :D

    From my opinion, her performance is not the greatest of all, but she is over average in every performance parameter. She is too well-balanced and that’s what make her unique. She is really charming when MC-ing and everything she does is interesting to watch. I never thought that seeing a girl eating orange will be that interesting. haha..

    I think she has ‘true idol’ aura and the management see that too, that’s why she keep being pushed as senbatsu member until now.

    Too bad that she has low ‘engagement rate’ with her far fans via social media (or in normal conversation, she is not active in social media).

    From some of her fans opinion, Dhike is a ‘down-to-earth’ member, she never feel that she is a famous actress. Eventhough her default faceplate is kinda ‘tsun’, but she is really warm in the inside (dere). That’s why called her ms. Tsundere. :)

  6. ディク says:

    First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to Angga for writing an article regarding Dhike and Ayen, both are my Oshimen in JKT.

    Anyway, I’d like to reply to some things:
    1. “she failed to make it into single senbatsu in the recent years”
    In the recent years, eh? Instead of “recent years”, I believe you might have meant “this year” (2014). “Recent years” actual meaning is: this present year (2014) AND last year (2013)/some years prior to this present year. It does not mean this year (2014) only.
    Now that has been taken care of, I believe that you’re aware with the fact about Ayen being one of the only Team KIII members (the others are Yupi and Naomi) who always made it to JKT48 single Senbatsu in 2013 (post-RIVER).

    2. “When auditioning for JKT48, Aki-P asked her to cut her hair short if she really want to join JKT48”
    How did you come with this one? Let me clear it: The FIRST TIME Aki-p (and other guys from AKS) met the girls (the finalists) was on 2nd November 2011, on the FINAL STAGE of the JKT48 1st gen. audition at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, where he acted as one of the judges. Aki-p did NOT participate as one of the judges in the previous stages of the audition. Aki-p wasn’t even in Indonesia while the previous stages of the audition took place. As you can see it yourself on Dhike’s video profile on JKT48 Youtube channel, days prior to 2nd November 2011, Dhike had already had short hair (while training and preparing for the importand day with the other finalists).

  7. gorgom says:

    sendy is not an underdog anymore?
    anyway, please watch this sendy’s awesomeballs heavy rotation… dangdut style! :lol:

    • ディク says:

      Mr. Gorgom, I believe Mr. Angga was limiting the discussion to those who were part of PDRS 2014 only. We know that Sendy didn’t make it to PDRS 2014.

  8. zakkie says:

    tokyo popさん日本語訳ありがとうございます。確かに今回のリバイバル公演ではナビラを始め常に選抜では定位置にいたメンバーも外れていたり興味深い結果でしたね。

    • Tokyo Pop says:


      • zakkie says:

        そういった意味でも、このサイトは重要ですね。これからもAnggaさん、Japartaさん、Tokyo Popさん、宜しくお願いします。

        • Tokyo Pop says:


  9. indr@ says:

    I watch the final show through live-streaming, and I agree with you Angga-san, Dhike really caught my attention during the whole show, especially in group song. Perhaps it’s due to there were no Melody or Nabilah on the front row of the group song :mrgreen:

    Angga-san, I think you need to add Elaine to the underdogs, as the only Trainee manage to participate on Pajama Drive Revival Show.

  10. yui'i says:

    Just wanna says, Grab it ^^Dhike….:))