Koisuru Fortune Cookie uh.. Dangdut Version?


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  1. KwantumME says:

    I really hope that one day Sendy would appear in Kamera Ria, singing JKT48’s song in Dangdut, while a bunch of army guys dancing sajojo style… Sendy rawks!

  2. Joe says:

    I think JKT48’songs that have Dangdut’s vibes are JKT48 and Kokoro no Placard. And I hope Sendy will sing those songs’ Dangdut version soon, on stage or share them via her account. Go go, Sendy.

  3. shunusuke says:

    huah,, I’m very happy.. Go Go Sendy !!

  4. JK21 says:

    it’s really surprise for me… sendy sang re-arranged Fortune Cookie with dangdut… and this dangdut ver. can we call it Sendy’s solo debut song??

  5. wealthyriver says:

    Sendy’s like JKT’s Wasamin, bringing a breeze of freshness to the songs by traditionalizing them :) The dangdut arrangement works so well with Heavy Rotation & KFC, I look forward to more renditions in the future :)

  6. benimaru says:

    Brace yourself!

    Many people will start comparing Sendy and Misaki.. :borromirstyle:

    It should be note that enka is more like keroncong music here, it is actually preety different with dangdut..

  7. Tomo says:

    Great try! I really hope Sendey should be the 1st solo singer among JKT48, like Iwasa-san in AKB with her “Enka” song :wink:

    • Tomo says:

      Oh, Ooops, Misaki-san. Anyway, 48 groups are the good incubation system. And more, from the starting point, probably Sendy was appointed as the one of the memebers with her good talent of singing and her career. I think these 2 happenings (no, alreday planned. these are the ladder for Sendy to be the “artist ( which she always say that she wants to be)”. 2 memebrs (ex, but Stella and Tata?) are for BIMA. 1 memebr ( Shanju) for serial TV drama (?). Novy for the candidate of the musical which will be played in Tokyo. So JKT48, I think, they have alreday reached the stage which can born solos and sub-units. Which memebrs will be organized several sub-units? I really want to see. Fun :-P

      • Tomo says:

        I really think Sendy is good to agitate audience, I knew this fact while I saw her “Heavy Rotation” in a hair cut show.
        She steppted into audience and sung togeather. Amazing! From my a small knowledge, no onw of AKB can’t do that.

  8. Jin says:

    “…..having JKT48 their own original single is something that is just a concept and nothing more, a futile hope for the time being.”

    Welcome to reality.

  9. ironfist says:

    imo, I think sendy is the best singer amongst all 48g member.
    Watch this clip you’ll understand what I meant.

    • q says:

      I think so..
      and i think she’s better than Nobi..
      I’m really shocked, and disappointed, when i know she can’t through The Wiz First Audition..
      I know she never can’t passed Second Audition just like Nobi..
      But at least she can show her skills..
      I hope she can get another chance..

  10. vlady says:

    ummm.. better than nobi?? of course.. more stage experience and a dangdut singer.. what do you expect? ? hahaha.. but JOT really sucks.. management’s senbatsu should always include their best singer (sendy-nobi-noella-rona-etc) .. at least 2 of them.. so when they appear at some TV programmes and they challenge them to sing solo.. they won’t get embarrassed.. haha..