Yet Another Mission for KIII


I love photography and just a normal JTK48 fans ^^

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  1. jagokendi says:

    I know that K3 is solid team but they also bring JKT48’s name so maybe ask team’s J members and 3rd gen to promote the event It’s good for all JKT 48

  2. benimaru says:

    why does the management seems always make things difficult for K3?

    even the new trainee already get a spotlight after few months formed (it even seems they already unofficially formed team T)..

    while on k3, the best performer team of jkt48, they still need to promote themselves with those k3po vids, this stupid attendants challenge, etc..

    • Ar-the says:

      are u sure its management do? how bout K3 want challenge themselves to aim that and management approved. .Btw its good thing for K3 to make this challenge to boost their spirit n motivation. .

      • benimaru says:

        Me talking about the overall treatment from management to k3, not specifically only for this yupi event..

        it’s almost like a bare discrimination from the management to k3 (they even only have 6 people on the senbatsu list in their new song)..

        and yes, me actually complaining here..

        • djt says:

          about the senbatsu, the challenge, the kepoin oshi…. if you have a positive thinking i think it’s not all bad to k3. for example, about the challenge, this can mean opportunity to show the management that they can do the task. about kepoin oshi, this is also opportunity for lidya and yona to show the fans that they can make a good “reality show”, until now JKT48 didn’t have any “Reality show” so if yona and lidya serious on making kepoin oshi, this is a good chance for them to make the best JKT48 show, and if the audience more an more big, it’s not impossible some TV station want to adept the show, and also maybe yona and lidya will be picked as the host. well this only can happen if you see things positively.

        • Ar-the says:

          discrimination? i don’t get it. .kepoin oshi & nadila’s friday challenge become official, viny blog on, even hits record video for daily activity of K3, K3 malang concert and i think the challenge also to promote K3 even more. .now you complain only 6 members on senbatsu ? ooh. .give me a break. .so you mean you want 10 members K3 or all K3 members become senbatsu than you can satisfied?
          Now i ask where is J ??? :(
          IMO K3 become management’s favorite team

  3. stevrum says:

    i have a question guys,
    are they going to cancel the concert if not sold at least 1000 tickets?

  4. djt says:

    For this one if they can’t sell 1000 tickets, the concert will still go on. but the member will not do their vow.