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  1. Tomo says:

    Oh My, Oh My.
    Did you already enjoy VIVA JKT48, Annga-san?
    What do you think this movie will be DVD soon?
    If so, I wll ask my friends in Indonesia to buy it.
    But I worry Region Code difference….

    • Angga says:

      Nope, I haven’t seen it yet Tomo-san.

      I think if this movie manage to get enough audiences, it well get a DVD or better, a Blu release. While region code is a troublesome features for DVD Players, you can get past through it using PC and a region unlocker apps available in various forms on the net :D

      • Tomo says:

        I’ve read the review which AdI-san recommneded.
        I think this review tells me that VIVA JKT48 is not good…
        Does it depend on the limited production period?

        • Angga says:

          Well, after reading that review (Which is also on it seems like the reviewer does have some problem with the movie but still enjoying the ride. So it’s an “okay” rating I guess.

          I’ll post my review too Tomo-san after I watch the movie.

        • abaone94 says:

          Actually, I think it depends on how familiar you are with JKT48 and its fandom. The more you are, then the more enjoyable it will be. That’s why I concluded that this movie is created for the fans and not for the general public. If you are a non-fans, maybe you won’t understand the whole story. But if you are a JKT fan, perhaps you can find it pretty enjoyable.

          I’d say it’s worth a watch though. Especially if you are watching with your fellow fan friends :wink:

    • Jvalz says:


      I’ve bought some DVD from Japan and it’s true that i have to change my player region code so it can be played (maximum 4 times in my laptop). But after that, i never change my region code whenever i want to watch any JKT48 DVD or any Indonesian original movie DVD. I played those DVD in japanese region code player without problem.

      Let’s hope that Viva JKT48 DVD doesn’t have any region lock.

  2. hendra says:

    shan looks so pretty in this movie >.<

  3. JUn says:

    Pedophilia …..

  4. abaone94 says:

    Copy-pasting from what I wrote on Stage, here is my own rating for the movie:

    I have watched the movie yesterday, and I can roughly give a score of 6.5 – 10. Pretty average and close to disappointing, if only the members and the comedy didn’t save the day.

    Honestly, I find that the story of the movie is far too rushed. The alternation from one scene to another is too quick that it is a bit confusing, and the whole story doesn’t really make sense. I admit that I had fun watching it, but I’m not sure that non-fans would get the idea since the story mostly revolved around the things inside the fandom. I’m also a bit bothered at how they portray the wotas as a load of overacting peoples. Though I’m fine with it, I don’t know how outsiders will see it. I’m afraid that they will view JKT48 Fans even more negatively after this.

    If this movie was made to satisfy the fans, then it worked out nicely. But if it is also meant for the general public, I’d say that they’ve failed. Too many inside jokes ruined the movie’s potential to reach even greater audience.

    So my score is still 6.5 – 10, with the good point being the comedy and the mini-live parts. Other than that, I’m not sure.

  5. KacaL says:

    Another review and ‘serious’ notes in Indonesian from one of my friend =>

    • benimaru says:

      holy s*#ts!

      so it was a crappy movie then??

      glad my oshi-menba was not involved.. at least not as the main character..

      • KacaL says:

        Well… Tbh, it’s a crap. Indonesian-movie stereotype, I think. But, if you are a fan of JKT48, then it’s a nice movie to watch. :D

        At least, we can see the member on a big screen……

    • wmlx says:

      That has been the funniest review I’ve read on “Viva JKT48”. Reading the reviews of “Vivia JKT48”, (not being physically in Jakarta, I highly doubt I’ll ever watch it unless a DVD comes out) I think this review is probably funnier than the movie itself.

      I think this line from the review seems to summarise the movie: “Saya menemukan film ini memiliki unsur komedi yang cukup menghibur walaupun tidak masuk di akal.” (I feel that this film does have comedic elements which are entertaining enough, even if they don’t make sense and defy logic”

      Sounds like a typical Indonesian sinetron movie then.

      tl;dr: Suspend your understanding of logic and reality watching “Viva JKT48”.

  6. anshor says:

    i think i will give 8/10 start because i’m fans.

    but i think the director actually have good purpose to inform in 5 country about phenomeon jkt48

    new-fans recommended to watch this movie.

    non-fans maybe can informed about phenomenon “jkt48” it’s not very bad movies being watched in indonesia.

    via jkt48 :v

    sorry for my bad english

  7. yamidans says:

    I think this movie not bad,really enjoyable watch this with my friends
    Funny scene like : The zookeeper told about their seifukus,HS scene LOL , and then transvestite Jiko”Jauh-jauh dari Jepang jalan kaki” wkwkwkw
    and don’t forget about Haruka bumped the car door :)
    Cool scene : River at roof top , Concert scene and “Harapan” ^^d

    The last boss is “Pawang Hujan” LOL

    • KacaL says:

      Cool scene for me: when Veranda cs arrived at the apartment, the beginning of concert scene when the fans coming around, and blooper scene especially Veranda’s part. :mrgreen:

  8. Tomo says:

    Is this film as “Promotion Movie” of JKT48 to whole Asia (especially South Eastern Asia region, with Taiwan, excluding Japan)? I heard this film will be released in those countries in the region sooner. If it will be started, so many young boys and girls will watch it out side Indonesia. For example, when I watched some documentary films of AKB, I was knocked out by their loud Dolby sound in the theater. And it was easy for me to bring my self to be in Tokyo Dome. So I guess many teenagers also will be brought to the illusional JCC for JKT48 performance easily. Once this movie will get a lot of …. Oh, I see this film would be a test marketing for JKT48 operation toward next step in Asia? Did Dentsu Indonesia invest funds to this moive? Oh, no…I stop to say something like that. Maaf :wink: From my point of view, I can see Akimoto san and AKS gave up the expantion of original AKB48 overseas, as you can see, even though they tried to perform some cities outside of Japan. JKT48 is their flagship 48 unit in Asia. Please spread on all over the Asia! :-P

    • wmlx says:

      1) Well, I think they were a bit over-optimistic in saying that “Viva JKT48” would be released simultaneously in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China (Source: (“film ini juga akan ditayangkan secara serentak di Malaysia, Singapura, Hongkong, Taiwan dan China.”)

      I can say for Malaysia and Singapore, even the highest grossing Indonesian films rarely get a screening in Malaysian pawagam’s. Much less something as niche as this. At best you get a few screenings in the few cinema’s which screen foreign films.

      2) As I said in an earlier post:

      “While I appreciate the PR for JKT48 in Malaysia, I suspect JKT48 will have trouble getting a foothold in Malaysia. They are not Japanese enough to get a foothold in the Malaysian-Chinese community, but not Indonesian enough to be an alternative to Amy Mastura. For the Malaysian-Chinese they are too Malay to be considered a Japanese pop idol franchise group, and for the Malay’s it is alien enough from what they usually associate with the Indonesian entertainment industry.”

      3) From the POV of AKS, I think they have seen the limits to the international franchising of the 48 Family model. SNH48 is not doing well, and JKT48 is still very much very alien in Indonesia, never mind their closest neighbour, (culturally, linguistically, geographically) Malaysia. It is an experiment, keeping in line with the history of AKB48, but while I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it has failed, the international franchisee’s are probably not viable in itself.

      4) That being said, Indonesia is a HUGE market, and with the majority of the population below 30. For the short term the domestic Indonesian market would probably be enough.

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